2 kings chapter 2 summary

Summary of the Book of 2 Kings. Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master--highly esteemed for his military character and success. Fifty men who were sons of the prophets went to watch Elijah leave from far off. (function(d, s, id) { They all went to the Lord’s temple and he read the Book of the Covenant to them. His Kingdom on the Earth, and His Royal Family. Bible summary by chapter Saturday, 12 February 2011. Your email address will not be published. Don’t mess with a man who has just lost a friend and mentor, as well as who is anointed by the Lord. Reply Delete. There Elijah is taken up in the whirlwind and Elijah’s mantle of power comes to Elisha. Gilgal--This Gilgal (Jiljil) was near Ebal and Gerizim; a school of the prophets was established there. For an outline of both 1 and 2 Kings see Introduction to 1 Kings: Outline. Not a member? 2 Kings describes how the kings of these nations refused to obey God's law. Elijah says to Elisha, if he saw him when he is taken from Elisha, his desire would be granted. Outline. We’re also on Instagram…, Your email address will not be published. Thank you for joining us today. CHAPTER 5. The sons of the prophets desired of Elisha to go seek Elijah in a mountain or valley thinking the Lord took him and cast him there. 2 Kings Chapter 2 Summary begins with the prophets and the sons of the prophets all gearing up for the departure of Elijah. This is the summary of 2nd Kings chapter 2. 2 Kings continues the story of the nations of Israel and Judah. It’s always a pleasure to have you. The kings and their people did not respect God. Reference is made for example to the book of the Acts of Solomon (1 Kings 11:41), then several times to the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel (1 Kings 14:19; 2 Kings 15:31) and to the book of the chronicles of the Kings of Judah (1 Kings 14:29; 2 Kings 24:5). Then the prophets saw a chariot of fire and horses of fire, which separated them, and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. Below is an outline for 2 Kings. Elijah took Elisha, divided the Jordan and they walked on the dry ground. Elisha was able to see it. Sign up for PDFs, live Q&As, and more! fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); All the sons of the prophets knew it. Just as 1–2 Kings pivots on this chapter, so this scene too is concentrically constructed. In these history books, the Bible contains many important lessons for us today (2 Timothy 3:16). Sometimes some of the histories in the Bible escapes some…, Need to Know the Names of the 12 Tribes of…, Studies to Help and Make You a Bible Study Leader…, In this chapter, our species took a detour that…, The seven churches of Revelation described in Revelation chapters…, Chapter 2 of Genesis begins with the report of the…, Genesis Chapter 14 Summary Genesis Chapter 14 Summary outlines some…, Read Updated Version of Genesis Chapter 12 In chapter…, Ezekiel was sent by God to give a message to…, Genesis Chapter 4 Summary Genesis chapter 4 commences with Adam…, Kingdom of Priests: Kingdoms are Ruled by Kings, Lifestyles: Understand You’ve Been Forgiven, A Wife Sought for Isaac, the Heir of the Covenant, THE COVENANT OF THE ALMIGHTY CONFIRMED WITH ABRAHAM, Numbers Chapter 1 the Children of Israel Numbered, THE COVENANT BETWEEN ABRAHAM and ABIMELECH, The BIRTH of ISAAC and the DEPARTURE of HAGAR and ISHMAEL, THE CHILDREN OF LOT, MOAB AND AMMON, BORN. But Elisha refuses to leave him and the two of them go to Bethel. 2 Kings Chapter 11 Verses 1-2: “Athaliah”, meaning (“Yahweh Is Exalted”), was Ahab and Jezebel’s daughter. Elisha cursed them in the name of the Lord and two female bears came out of the woods and killed 42 of those kids. Required fields are marked *. The author is anonymous; however, some suggest the prophet Jeremiah. BibleStudyMinistry.com (BSM), believes the Bible is one assimilated account leading and pointing to Jesus the Messiah. CHAPTER 2. Your email address will not be published. We do all of this so we can share this story the best we can with you. but he was a leper--This leprosy, which, in Israel, would have excluded him from society, did not affect his free intercourse in the court of Syria. He was the king of Ahaz, who began his reign in the third year of Hoshea, who ruled Israel. Josiah, the king of Israel, gathered everyone including the elders of Jerusalem and Judah. It was written about 560-538 B.C. Also to His Kingdom on the Earth, and His Royal Family. When he came back to shore, the sons of the prophets also watched and witnessed the event, and they said the spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha, and they bowed themselves to Elisha.

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