2017 ultra limited review

The high output charging system provides an electrical capacity robust enough for your add-ons: heated vests, heated seats, heated handgrips, lights to showcase the engine, you name it. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'totalmotorcycle_com-leader-1','ezslot_19',177,'0','0']));Like the saddlebags, the Tour-Pak® luggage carrier design sports a sleek look, but it didn’t come at the expense of storage space. Durable stainless steel ensures the structural rigidity you expect from a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with the deep, lustrous finish you desire. You can integrate P & A satellite radio right into the vehicle radio with no external mounting and control it through the hand controls. Color Option $27,599 Seat Height, Laden 6 699 mm Headset Specifications (if equipped) 16-64 ohms ELECTRIC The all-new Harley-Davidson 2017 Ultra Limited bike comes with the price of $26,999 only. The new Tour-Pak Luggage Carrier design is fantastic. Estimated from fuel economy tests on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family conducted by Harley-Davidson under ideal laboratory conditions. Weight, In Running Order 908 lb. It has best fluid mechanics, algorithms, high-speed super computers and thousands of wind-tunnel tests with the rider in the saddle tells what it’s like to ride this bike. Weight, As Shipped 871 lb. ... Harley Davidson Road Glide 2017 range review. It all adds up to a ride that provides best-in-class comfort. The new Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine is used on this bike. It might take a few rides, but once you’ve gotten used to the smooth shifting rhythm, you’ll never give it up. Narrow Primary- The narrower primary drive gives your left foot a straighter, easier reach to the ground, for an easier lift off and more control at stoplights. So you don’t have to waste even the ten minutes it takes to install one on some sunny Saturday when you could be riding. And the front and rear brakes are electronically linked to provide exactly the right amount of brake to each tire no matter what the road condition is. Which means the ride you’ll experience is anything but standard. 4. Ground Clearance 5.4 in. AM Dependent on Region This new fork technology improves the ride, especially over the harshest bumps, and reacts faster to keep the wheel planted for confident braking and handling. Now it’s standard. Welcome to top-of-the-line touring comfort, dressed out to the nines from the Daymaker™ LED headlamp to the Tour-Pak® luggage carrier… Find the perfect longitude, latitude and attitude. FM Standard With 2,136 powerful, daylight-simulating lumens that bathe the dark road in natural light, a shoulder-to-shoulder spread of 160 feet and a 450-foot punch, the night is yours to take with full confidence. Or decide whether or not they occur when you’re on a flat, smooth, dry, perfect stretch of pavement. Dripping with power. We went end to end and top to bottom to give the Harley-Davidson® Touring lineup the clean, tight, sharp, iconic look and feel that only befits the next generation of our motorcycles. The racing scoop style of the air cleaner is all it takes to see that this is the new Harley-Davidson power plant. Your email address will not be published. Gear Ratios (overall) 5th 3.407 Fuel Capacity 6 gal. Starting decades ago, when early riders bolted plastic windshields to their machines and began crisscrossing the country, the Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycle has already gone places no one could have imagined at the beginning. This feature makes the long ride more comfortable and full of fun. Bore 3.937 in. Type Color The bike features new BOOM! All-New Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 Engine. Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region. It’s the most functional airbox we’ve ever put on a Harley-Davidson® touring bike. With crisper throttle response and truer, cleaner sound. We’ve got these fairing lowers dialed in just right, thanks to more wind tunnel and real world riding tests than we’ve ever done before. The 6-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. ENGINE And we put 2 more inches of room between the speakers. 7. Find the perfect longitude, latitude and attitude. That’s the perfect balance of the wide set handlebars that come standard on the Ultra Limited model. The longer the ride, the more you’ll appreciate the comfort of this machine. Estimated from fuel economy tests on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family conducted by Harley-Davidson under ideal laboratory conditions. Stroke 111.1 mm

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