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The short and sweet answer is no. An impressive piece of machinery, a Smith & Wesson Governor is a very versatile handgun that can fire shotgun shells as well as centerfire rounds. 21 great guns for home defense. The pistol has a moderate recoil, is easy to use and control. The … Single-action revolvers are used primarily for recreation, hunting … 3. A .22 rimfire rifle is generally underpowered for the purpose of home defense. Are airguns a viable option for self-defense or home protection? A .22 caliber hunting or target rifle is better than nothing, but like any rifle, it is unwieldy. Daniel Defense DDM4 V7–The Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 is an AR-15 rifle that ships with a 16″ barrel, multiple M-LOK attachment points (for accessorizing), a 32-round magazine, and an optics … Trump's legal team claims issues with Dominion voting software. Homo Sapiens is much … There are several types of revolvers on the market today. Nevertheless, a .22 rifle is deadly in skilled hands and should not be treated with disdain. If you have to shoot a bad guy … I’ve decided to address this issue because it’s one of the most commonly asked questions I’ve been asked … Choosing between single-action and double-action is the easier part of purchasing. Glock 17 is a full-size 9mm pistol which comes handy in home defense. Tactical Rifleman is the go-to destination for advice and tips for all things military, tactical, survival, driving and shooting related. In addition, the 9mm ammo is highly affordable and widely available, which … Homo Sapiens is much larger than the game normally shot with .22. Presidential election far from over: Trump still has multiple paths to victory Smith & Wesson Governor. I’m a senior woman, rated as “Expert” by U.S. Army Precision Pistol Team and I LOVE my Smith & Wesson .38 special M & P Bodyguard, double action snubbie with inherent laser.

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