best weapon against home invasion

The other thing is you can put radiation damage on weapons which is good against robots, and then you'll still have the ability to put on toxin. Invasions happen for many different reasons but luckily there are many ways to prepare and defend your home from violence and property loss caused by intruders.. 5. Prepare the Home Interior. The good news is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to secure your home. Secondary locks and rooms are good to plan out. Yeah robotic resists it a bit, but hitting right through the shield is a good trade off. The question about what the best home defense weapon is is a pretty hotly-debated one. If you are budget constrained, no worries. I did a search here, and found many, many threads that closely relate to this topic, but none that focus on the best "weapon" vs the the best gun, ammo, etc. This is a fact. Learn to Use the Weapons at Your Disposal (within your home) Train with your weapons, and understand how to use them in your home. Generally, the people breaking into our homes are not special forces trained commandos. Some people thing it's a .45, some people think it's an M-16 or AK-47, and some people think it's a shotgun. Best Weapon for Home Defense against Home Invasion? 4. Keeping your home and family safe from an invader takes a lot more than owning a gun. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you, but it has to many thousands of homeowners around the USA, and world. Home surveillance and alarm systems are an excellent measure against home invasion, but the average 911 response time is around seven minutes – plenty of time for a … Well, believe It or not, there are some good home defense weapons besides a gun. Reinforce the doors against kicks, and the windows against shattering. Home invasions are real. Have weapons and tools ready and on hand within your home. An electrical melee is also a good option too though. Here's what I think. I don’t think I have ever felt more alone than when I was waiting (unarmed) for the police to respond to my 911 home invasion call. Warning: Contains potentially graphic images. I’m meeting for a Settlement Conference in 48 hours and “true love” still wants to utterly destroy, not kill, me after four years of separation: 1. Home defense A gun Firstly, we have the mace gun. Ensure doors and windows have upgraded locks. Please post a link to it, and we will all go there to continue this discussion. Please forgive me if I missed the thread you think addresses this. 3. Viewer discretion is advised. I find it a good anti corpus elemental mix. This is what I’m actively doing as I get out of a domestic violence situation right now.

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