characteristics of contingency theory

Cheapo Toys needs to figure out what exactly is causing the employee turnover. Fiedler's approach departs from trait and behavioral models by asserting that group performance is contingent on the leader's psychological orientation and on three contextual variables: group atmosphere, task structure, and leader's power position. The primary characteristics of contingency theory include: Non-universality of management theory – There is no one best way of doing things. It is also termed as situational theory of management. It doesn’t account for the position of the leader – although this theory is a leadership theory, it focuses too much on the situation and does not consider the leader himself. 941 Words 4 Pages. Whether the relationship between the leader and the followers is a positive one. It follows the technique of multivariate analysis. 2. It thinks of all possible variables or factors that affect the situation and adopts the best. Content Filtration 6. Besides, it is not possible to establish perfect relationship amongst these factors. It helps in understanding the complex organisations as it focuses on multivariate nature of organisations. 6. Each of the factor relevant to situation of decision making can’t be determined. 1. It is not possible for managers to determine all the factors relevant to the decision­ making situation. What are the primary characteristics of the Contingency Approach? It helps to design the organisation structure and plan the information decision systems. 4. Privacy Policy 9. In 1967, Fiedler—the proponent of contingency theory of leadership—isolated three variables that influence leadership effectiveness. Learn More → Almost every organization has its own approach to organizational behavior and management. This puts the theory at odds with more mo… Instead, you must put leaders into situations that match their style. It helps to devise motivational and leadership approaches to motivate the workers. The first and most extensively researched and validated of the contingency theories is the Contingency Model (Fiedler 1967, Fiedler and Chemers 1984). Managers look for distinct alternatives in absence of definite problem which involves huge costs and time. Leadership is possibly perceived and understands the phenomena of the (Burns, 2010). Despite the best that contingency theory offers to the management thought, it is not free from criticism. The overriding trait of the contingency approach to management is its flexibility. Contingency Theory (Fiedler): Fiedler's theory is the earliest and most extensively researched. Pragmatic in nature as situation is properly analyzed first before providing any solution. Autocratic style may be adopted to deal with unskilled workers and participative style to deal with skilled workers. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Characteristics Of Contingency Leadership. You cannot change your style to suit the situation. Management is situational in nature. Therefore, the theory has added nothing new to the management thought. 5. Contingency approach to management is considered as a leading branch of management thought today. Uploader Agreement. WEAKNESSES OF CONTINGENCY THEORIES. This theory is adaptive in nature where structure is formed in such a way that enable organization in adapting to environment changes. 1. Managerial actions are dependent upon the environmental circumstances that keep on changing over a period of time. No theoretical foundation that should form the basis of management principles is provided by contingency theory. Same problem can have different solutions at different points of time and different problems can have same solution at the same point of time. The theory says that an effectiveness of management is contingent and is dependent upon internal and external environment. Account Disable 12. Rather than having a specific solution to solve problems, it provides a framework where every solution depends upon the environmental conditions. A business that uses the contingency approach can meet tight project deadlines easily. Contingency theories primarily focus on the context of leadership. Contingency theories (CT) ... Fiedler's model, leadership effectiveness is the result of interaction between the style of the leader and the characteristics of the environment in which the leader works. Gill (2011) suggests that these might include: The maturity levels of the subordinates or followers. After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Contingency theory has added nothing new to management thoughts as Fayol’s theory also discussed about flexibility of management principles. Home » Business Studies » Contingency Theory: Meaning, Features, Evaluation and Limitation. And some corporations may be too new to have firmly settled on a theory of management … Plagiarism Prevention 5. Contingency Theory: Meaning, Features, Evaluation and Limitation, Planning – Process, Importance, Characteristics, Limitation. 4. The theory contributes to the development of management thought if applied rationally. Features of Contingency Theory 2. It helps an organisation to operate under different environmental conditions. There are various constraints such as time, money and ability due to which managers cannot gathered complete information regarding environment. The clarity of the task at hand. This theory provides insight into adaptability to both internal and external environment. 4. Management is situational and managerial actions depend upon the environmental circumstances. Leaders should try to align all their planning, organizing and controlling in accordance with contingent circumstances like organization, people and situations that vary over a period of time. A small-sized organisation may be centralised and a large-sized organisation may be decentralised in structure. The Contingency approach is a management theory that helps the manager to adopt the best management style is dependent on the context of the situation. Management is situational in nature. He also talked of flexibility of management principles. The contingency theory of leadership supposes that a leader’s effectiveness is contingent on whether or not their leadership style suits a particular situation. Content Guidelines 2. Contingency theory facilitates easy understanding of complex organization as it focuses on multivariate nature of organizations. It is the ‘if and ‘then ‘approach to management, ‘If’ represents the independent variable and ‘then’ represents the... 3. According to this theory, an individual can be an effective leader in one circumstance and an ineffective leader in another one. It does not follow the concept of ‘universality of principles’ which often apply to specific management situations. It is adaptive in nature. As there is no definite solution to a problem, managers think of alternatives to arrive at the right choice. A business with a contingency approach controls the behavior of its employees through strict job descriptions, which cause it to succeed; without this control, the business may fail. Contingency theory refers to an organization theory that asserts that there is no single best way for making decisions, leading a company and organizing a corporation. Environment – Managerial policies and practices to be effective, must adjust to changes in the environment. Contingency approach helps to understand that management activity such as planning, controlling, leadership, or organization are completely dependent on the circumstances. Others are based on leadership style or a particular set of guidelines and rules. Contingency theory refers to an organization theory that asserts that there is no single best way for making decisions, leading a company and organizing a corporation. 5. Disclaimer 8. 2. They motivate other employees to achieve the target of specific goal of the organization.

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