defending your home in shtf

Would love your thoughts, please comment. Along with optics, make sure the weapon has a pair of iron sights as well. A modified closet or walk-in space will work just fine. Choose your firearms carefully for home defense and know your field of fire and always remember you will likely be engaged in close quarters combat. You can choose renewable resources such as geothermal electricity, 4 – Have Multiple Structures On The Homestead. 5 Critical Steps To Defend Your Homestead in a SHTF Scenario, The grids are aging, slowly being overworked by increasing populations, and are under constant risk of physical. Harden Your Home against Intrusion Typically, most home doors open in. The first is it gives you multiple defensive positions instead of one, allowing you to potentially have people posted in different buildings in order to amplify your defenses. Chances are, they’ll be safer during a disaster, too. You must also consider setting up security cameras and solar-powered motion-sensor lighting around your property. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. When SHTF, the unprepared will come looking for food, water, and shelter. in the event the grid were to collapse, and your homestead was besieged. You can often find her out in the woods, or getting ready for her next challenge! Instead, you’ll want to keep defenders in multiple defensive structures. Install door jammers. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the top five ways of defending your homestead against attack if the grid was to go down and some unconventional methods to survive. In other words, you’ve got everything covered to ride out any SHTF scenario! rcel.type = 'text/javascript'; An escape plan can range from something as simple as stashing a few Go Bags in places you can get to in case you need to run, or something as advanced as a secret tunnel you can use to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. For example, you can place sandbags behind the windows and doors, and lining walls with metal plating. Page [tcb_pagination_current_page] of [tcb_pagination_total_pages]. Make sure you don’t give them a happy ending by boosting your door security. But it should also be far enough away from the window so an intruder can’t easily reach in to activate the release and gain entry. You can choose them based on personal preference. Rather, what makes the most difference is the plan you put in place as well as your mindset. Though it is scary, having a place to call home helps, but remember you have a responsibility to defend it if you start it because lives, including yours, may depend on planning and preparing your homestead in advance. Consider a bolt action rifle over semi-automatic rifles. While scopes and red dot sights are very helpful, they can be knocked out of zero fairly easily. This is where the next layer of your home defense becomes important. Your #1 goal when defending your home in an SHTF scenario must be to keep any and all attackers outside of your house at all times. })(); Sam Bocetta is a former defense contractor for the U.S. Navy and current freelance journalist. It might break your bank, but at least the golden horde won’t break inside your home. How do you go about accomplishing this? You’re only limited by your imagination. Tuckable Holsters: Options for Wearing a Gun under Tucked-in Shirts, Shooting from the Ground: An Overlooked Skill, You Are on Your Own: Inspiring Others to Prepare, 15-Year-Old Comes Home, Finds Guns Stolen, Shots Fired Through House, Is Full-Auto Overrated? The number one rule in prep club…is to not talk about prep … Handguns are essential for fighting indoors and carrying covertly so you’ll want to have a few of those stashed throughout the homestead as well, but they are also backup weapons and rifles (specifically semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines) should be considered your primary weapons for a grid down. You may want to collect BPA free 55 gallon drums to store water in. Placing signs such as “Quarantine area,” “No Trespassing,” and even “Trespassers will be shot on sight” may help you avert danger. He specializes in writing about defense contracting, firearms, defense, cyber warfare, cryptography, and cyber defense. Put up burglar bars on the inside. Things won’t be pretty if the worst comes to worst and if you have something, somebody will want to take it from you. If you are relatively secure in your area and your street is operating as it normally is, then you should only use sound as your monitoring system. Handguns are small and come in a variety of calibers. You need time to find people, and you need time … That is why home security is such an important part of a prepping plan. How to Defend Your Home in a SHTF Situation Your Family Will Love - When a SHTF situation happens, it's highly likely that at some point, Plant cacti or thorny bushes beneath first-floor windows to make it tougher for home invaders to get through. Outfitting your home with a hidden living space can be tough if your house doesn’t have much space, so it pays to be creative and find out what works best for you. Fortify Your Entry Points. Now you don’t need to be armed to the teeth to be able to defend your home. When it comes to homesteading, there are three specific firearms that will unquestionably belong in your armory. For example, you can place sandbags behind the windows and doors, and lining walls with metal plating. One thing that is worthy of note is that in addition to investing in defensive firearms, you should. 5 Critical Steps To Defend Your Homestead in a SHTF Scenario 1 – Make Sure You Have Adequate Supplies. You don’t need to install fence after fence to secure your perimeter. Your safe room must not be a place where you wait for death. Now before you hoard self-defense weapons, it’s vital to emphasize that your survival does not rely solely on the equipment you have. This means you have to strengthen your home’s defenses. You’ve diligently squirreled away clean water for you and your family. Iron sights are easy to adjust and still offer the ability to engage the enemy from a distance. This tactic will drive looters to an easier target. When defending your homestead, keeping all of your defenders within your home will be a poor strategy. Your safe room must blend in and not be painfully obvious. Other than the people in your household, no one should know that you have food, water, and supplies stashed away. If the attackers are armed and organized, you can expect them … Defending let alone maintaining a homestead requires a lot of energy, so you will need enough calories and enough water to stay hydrated in the event the grid were to collapse, and your homestead was besieged. It keeps glass from shattering completely, and would require the intruder to break the entire window completely to enter. Well, if they still have the decency left to knock, that is. But in times of famine, announcing that you have a dog may not be a good idea as they may also become prey to others. = 'rc_' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000); When looking for a place to live, use sites like to find parts of the city with the lowest crime rates. to store them in. Unfortunately, light won’t be the only thing coming inside your home if you don’t secure your windows enough! Once the electrical grids go down, be it an electromagnetic pulse, cyber attack, natural disaster; the odds are the lights won’t be coming back on anytime soon. The reason for this is because if you are ever forced to evacuate your home, even if it’s out in a rural area, having a safe will at least help keep them protected from any intruders who could break their way into an empty house. You need to be able to see a potential threat at the earliest opportunityif you can see the threat early, and hopefully, before that threat see’s you, then you can make the correct decisions to either make contact, hide, or prepare to defend your area with force.

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