eggless coconut cake with fresh coconut

Easy to make and delicious. Eggless Fresh Coconut Cake Pallavi Purani INGREDIENTS Pre heat oven to 180C and line a springform pan n with butter paper/parchment paper - 7 or 8 inch and keep aside. Easy to make and delicious. Just blend 4 cups of freshly grated coconut with 3 cups water, strain and use as required. An eggless chocolate and coconut cake that can be easily made vegan and dairy- free by swapping with vegan chocolate. Gets Along With Everyone: Use the frosting recipe below or try strawberry frosting, lemon frosting, brown butter cream … You'll be head over heels for this cake! Let the cake absorb the syrup and rest for 30-40 mins before it is ready to serve. 15. You can make the cake by making home made coconut milk. Yes, it has some sugar to it but if you want an even healthier cake which has no sugar at all then definitely check out my Eggless Dates and Walnuts Cake . Any Shape: Use this cake batter for coconut bundt cake, coconut cupcakes, a 2 layer cake, 3 layer cake, or a coconut sheet cake. Serve with evening coffee/tea. Hope this helps. This delicious, dense Vegan Coconut Cake is the perfect blend of sweet coconut, creamy frosting, and vanilla cake. Ingredients You can find the full printable recipe, including ingredient quantities, below., including ingredient quantities, below. I got this semolina coconut cake recipe from my friend. I get a lot of requests for egg-less and dairy free recipes so I was really keen to come up with one. I would definitely consider this Eggless Coconut Rava Cake as a Healthier Cake; or say a cake with less calories considering that it has no fat or flour in it. The recipe is eggless, to begin with, so I didn’t make any changes other than substituting 1/2 a cup of oil with 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce because I felt that 1 cup of oil was too much. Note – I used fresh grated coconut, so dry roasted it Stays well for over a week in an airtight container in the fridge. LEt me know if you have any queries about the same. Like a breeze that caresses you atop a hill, the mellow flavour of coconut revitalises your palate when you bite into this unique Coconut Cake.

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