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At the time East Hereward was elsewhere at this point, out foraging for more food supplies, and William's army still had to be guided along the crooked fen-paths to get to Ely. Ely was a fertile tract of land in southern Lincolnshire, some 10 by 12 miles in area and surrounded by a nearly impenetrable marsh and peat bog. The Hereward pub in Ely is now open following a huge refurbishment! Rich in folk history, Ely was also the stronghold of Hereward the Wake (meaning ‘wary’). You are here: Home 1 / Hereward The Wake – 1066. We … Hereward The Wake – 1066 Sunday 30 Jan, 2005 / in / by Karl Bedingfield. Hereward exploited the natural defences of the Isle of Eels to stage the final Anglo Saxon resistance to the Norman invasion of 1066, led by William the Conqueror. Eventually they surrounded Morcar and the insurgents and sentenced some to imprisonment and some to the loss of eyes, hands or feet. In 1070, expecting a conquest of England by King Sweyn II of Denmark, Hereward and some followers joined a force of Danish sailors who had come to Ely. Looking for a Pub in Ely showing live sport? The ground he chose was the Isle of Ely. Hereward the Wake, (flourished 1070–71), Anglo-Saxon rebel against William the Conqueror and the hero of many Norman and English legends.He is associated with a region in present-day Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire. Hereward the Wake and Rebellion at Ely, 1070-71 By Sofia, Freya & Ruby CAUSES CAUSES CAUSES In 1070, a Danish king returned to England and instead of heading to Northcumbria, they decided to settele on the isle of Ely; in the middle of the Fens in East Anglia. Our Food Menu is full of delicious options that will definitely hit the spot and we have a huge range of wine, gin and beer ready for your consumption!. Hereward soon commanded a small army and only required a secure base from which to continue his attacks against the Normans.

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