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2. So you might be interested to know -- how to train a parakeet to talk? "Sunny, want a cracker?" This will help your parakeet learn that you're totally focused on him, so he should be totally focused on you. Female parakeets are dominant in their social interactions, so base your selection of a second budgie on gender. You can begin by repeating one simple word as you start your day. As you hold up an object, say what it is. Your parakeet will learn new words and phrases every day as you speak to him about your day-to-day life. No matter if your parakeet eventually picks up on it or simply has other things to do, be patient with him! "Tweety. Parakeethome.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Male budgies tend to be better at talking than female budgies, potentially because males need to vocalize to gain the attention of female budgies during mating season. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. When you talk with enthusiasm and emphasis, your parakeet will pick up on it. As your parakeet learns to talk, he often mimics your language, sometimes mumbling the words or making similar sounds at first. Find editor recommended nutritious Parakeet food list to keep your Parakeet happy and healthy. In the wild, they learn the "flock language" from other birds in their flock. If you're fully invested in getting your parakeet to carry on a conversation with you, simply follow these 15 easy steps. To teach your parakeet to talk, begin by repeating one word over and over, starting in the morning when the bird’s not too tired. 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On the contrary, they are lively and playful birds that can grow deeply attached to their human companions. As a result, stay focused on the first word until he says it at least three times in a row. Do all parakeets talk? Help him stay focused on covering three sides of his cage with a small cloth. Say "please" and "thank you.". Male parakeets have blue, purple or pink ceres. Some female parakeets simply never learn to talk, whereas most male parakeets learn to talk very well. Female parakeets have thicker ceres that tend to be brown, white or tan. It is difficult to know the exact color of a budgie’s cere if the budgie is under eight months to one year old because ceres change colors until budgies are mature. That's normal. If he's under the weather, chances are he won't want to learn anything new. Talk to him like he is a child learning to talk! Over time, stop saying the word or name and simply hold up the object or point to the person. Thanks! Your parakeet won't have any desire to have a conversation with you unless he feels comfortable with you. And also - why is she not chirping !! Choose the right time. Once he does this, you know that he truly knows the word. Parakeets are able to learn so many words and phrases that they can eventually carry on a great conversation with you! Talk clearly and slowly. In general, female parakeets chirp less and exhibit fewer social behaviors than males. Our editor listed best toys for your parakeet that really makes them happy. Once your parakeet has mastered his name and a few other solitary words, he's ready to learn a phrase. And most parakeets talk more in the morning and less as the day goes on and they get more tired. Whistling Similar to talking, whistling is a sign of a happy, healthy bird. If you stay on a female parakeet's good side, though, she can be just as tame and relaxed as a male parakeet. My neighbors have parakeets and they chirp in the morning , … If your parakeet has a bunch of distractions around the room, chances are he won't focus on learning. If his name is Tweety, repeat it over and over again. Whistling Similar to talking, whistling is a sign of a happy, healthy bird. Sit next to your parakeet's cage and talk to him softly. Any more often than that, and your bird could become bored and agitated. In general, the female parakeet's role as the builder and protector of the nest makes her slightly more aggressive than her male counterpart. How do you get your parakeets to mate? This doesn't mean all female parakeets are quiet, boring or unfriendly. I really really really want to teach her to say a few words ! This is also true of cockatiels. It's important to form a close bond with your parakeet so that he wants to talk openly with you. They're less likely to mimic human speech than males, though it is possible to train them to talk. Then, when it can repeat the word at least 3 times in a row, repeat the process with a different word. Tweety. The gender of the bird has little to do with it. Once you've introduced a few words, say them in a sing-songy voice. When he says the first word you're teaching him, it's time to celebrate! Getting two budgies or adding another bird is a smart move if you are at work all day, or away a lot and cannot interact with your budgie as much as you used to. You can even point to yourself and say your name, or point to another family member and say his or her name, to help your parakeet associate each family member with a name. Parakeets learn the letters D, T, K, P and B the most easily, so if you can use a word with those letters in it, you're most likely to find success. Some claim that female budgies bite harder than males. Give it a rest and try again another day. All Rights Reserved. This will help your parakeet associate talking with music. You must start very simple with parakeets, and that means to start with one easy word. The lighting must be ideal and he must be well-fed, well-rested and healthy. Do parakeets talk?-- Yes! At that point, you can move on to teaching him another word in your parakeet parrot talking lessons. In the end, the parakeet's personality and the bond the two of you form will determine how much you enjoy spending time with your pet. Female parakeets tend to be less chatty than male parakeets. Some female parakeets are more docile and willing to talk than some male parakeets. In most other parrot species, the males and females talk equally well. When a budgie and/or parakeet is just learning to talk, it often mimics the intonation of language, mumbling the words. The best word to start with is simply your parakeet's name. 3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Family Pet, Blue Quaker Parrot Lifespan, Personality, Food and Care, Harmful Side Effects of Dog Vitamins & Supplements, Surprising Facts About The Largest Eagle In The World.

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