how to start a family association

The Prophet Joseph Smith, enlarging on this theme at one of his own family reunions, said, “And again blessed of the Lord is my father. Find someone in your family who is handy with the Internet and see if they can put together a basic Web site for your family association. He governs his posterity in righteousness and truth. It can be the instrument through which individuals may receive comfort and help in times of distress, illness, or need. It shall be the duty of the vice-presidents to act in behalf of the president in his absence in the order of precedence. Organizing a family association or organization is a great way to bring people together to accumulate, coordinate, learn, preserve and publicize genealogical and historical information among related family members. Section VI. This would allow family heads to discuss family organization programs and literature offered by the Church. Dues are set by the board of directors and are kept at a level so as to just meet expenses -- primarily the printing, binding and mailing of a quarterly." More and more relatives will become active in the organization as word gets around. The executive committee shall set up committees and make special assignments as necessary in administering the programs of the family organization. The following sample constitution indicates some of the areas to be considered in forming a family organization. An important aspect of this decision is how many people you have to help you out with this work. Assistants may be selected as necessary, subject to the approval of the president. Section II. All officers shall be eligible for reelection. The agenda of the annual meeting shall include any necessary elections of officers and presentation of business matters, supplemented by such other general activities as may be desired by the executive committee. Third, the family organization can care for the welfare of its members. Most people have found that word-of-mouth advertising is a good way to start, and that sending an introductory newsletter to a potential group of members was useful. Are you looking to create a family association for individuals who are descended from a particular ancestor? Well-planned family reunions are both fun and rewarding. It shall be the duty of the historian to supervise and direct the compilation and writing of biographical records, family histories, and personal histories pertaining to both the ancestors and descendants of __________. Upon the resignation or demise of the president, the first or senior vice-president shall call a meeting of the executive committee for the purpose of filling the vacancy until the next annual meeting. Of course all of these types of projects cost money, so the next question is whether or not to charge dues. It is best for each family to adapt the size of its organization to the number of relatives whom they know and with whom they can easily communicate. The years move swiftly. The annual meeting shall be held at a time and place determined by the voice of a majority of the members present at the preceding annual meeting. A family organization, by pooling its resources, can do work quickly and cheaply that might otherwise be tedious, difficult, and expensive. Moreover, family reunions can be places to exchange family news, gather material for biographies and histories, and do genealogical research. Obviously, the farther back the common ancestor, the larger will be the family group. An organized family is one that follows the principles and programs of the priesthood and can, therefore, more effectively advance in the kingdom of God toward eternal life. How does one start a family organization? Here are some helpful suggestions for creating, improving, and perpetuating your family organization. They have plenty of advice for setting you off on the right track. How many years have you been seriously involved with genealogy research? Decide where your potential members are most likely to be looking, and advertise there. The terms of office shall begin at the close of the business session at which the officers are elected and shall cover a period of two years. But a worthwhile family organization won’t last without planning and work. What can a family organization do for its members? For this reason, family organizations are always springing up. Larger organizations may publish a newsletter. Many who run family associations do not include the costs of planning family reunions in the dues. The time we have with our loved ones is all too short. One of the most crucial steps in getting your association off the ground is the ability to attract members quickly. It shall be the duty of the vice-presidents to assist and counsel the president in all matters pertaining to the activities of the family organization. Generally, a family association is an organization formed by people who share a common ancestor or surname. How to Know if You Are Ready to Start a Family. Second, if you are starting your own family association, you may want to start on a less grand scale. The genealogist shall select assistants, subject to the approval of the president, to help supervise the gathering of genealogical data, which assistants shall function as a committee, the genealogist being the chairman thereof. A valuable resource in your effort to locate relatives is a family association dedicated to the particular family name you're researching. All descendants of __________ and their husbands or wives are eligible for membership in the __________ Family Organization. Most people have found that word-of-mouth advertising is a good way to start, and that sending an introductory newsletter to a potential group of members was useful. Staleness in leadership positions can often destroy a good family organization. If you like, it can later grow to include more information, such as an electronic version of your newsletter or pictures from your family reunion. The registry of organized families at the Church Genealogical Society can be most helpful to those trying to contact members of an organized family. The president shall submit to the family organization at the annual meeting a report of all official acts of the executive committee, together with any other information and recommendations he may deem important. Second, a family organization can hold meetings. Although we have "American" in our name we do have membership in England and Australia. Happy families will use any excuse to get together: holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, vacations, missionary departures, homecomings, funerals. First, if your name is Smith, it is likely that a worldwide Smith organization already exists, so starting another one would be redundant. So what do we do? Obviously, the farther back the common ancestor, the larger will be the family group.

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