how to tell if subs are out of phase

Now, you may end up with subwoofers that are out of phase with each other. Here is a YouTube vid of them playing idk, if bit is the amp being delayed for some reason or if they are actually out of phase. And the funny thing about it is that it was Sony's truck with 4 12s at the Spring Break Nationals. Most subs have a two-position phase switch on the back. Without doing extensive measurements to determine if there is a problem, typically you just experiment with the sub phase control until you get the best sounding, non-boomy bass. Mixing different subs will also reduce the success of canceling out room resonances since they will exhibit different amplitude and phase responses. First, you will need to set all of your speakers so that they are facing the same direction. I for one think correct phase reponse is above everything. Now the sub is out of phase, but the front speakers are not, so what do we get? The simplest thing I can tell you is to make sure all the positives of the subs are connected to the positive on the amp and the negatives to the negative on the amp. I set the phase by ear. If it is out of phase, then there will be a gaping null at the crossover point between your mains and your sub. In-Phase Subwoofer Wiring When subwoofers are wired correctly (in-phase) all woofers in the system push out (into the vehicle) on the positive side of the music signal and pull back on the negative half of the music signal. This even happened to well known speaker designers. How Do I Fix Out Of Phase Subs? You ideally want both to be in sync. Phase switch — If your sub still feels a little off, your subwoofer may be out of phase with your speakers. Toggle it to the other setting and see if you get better bass. This will allow you to judge the quality of the sound. It is something in between. Note the 3 x service fuses at the top left of the board. Are your subs dialled in correctly? Im pretty sure there are out of phase and the polarization is messed up or whatever. You would be very hard pushed to tell if a speaker is out of phase just by the movement of the driver. Level control — Most subs have independent volume controls. 2) Single Phase or Three Phase - Main Switch. Always select two well designed subwoofers (preferably the same) that are each in their own capable of filling your theater room with ample bass without bottoming out or running out of gas. Deleted member 598831, Aug 25, 2017. You can't tell if they're at a constant frequency, but when they go from a still point into a note you can see which way they initially move. Single phase sites have only one of these. I personally have seen, IN PERSON, subs going out of phase. The option to set phase is only to eliminate the situation where the bass wave from the sub and the bass wave from the mains are cancelling each other out( peaks vs. valleys ). Try rew and check for phase issues between the fronts and the sub/subs. Phase is not something that someone can simply tell you what the answer should be--you have to test and find out. See the diagram below. Setting the Phase. They move very fast. If the phase is properly set, the sweep should be fairly smooth with no nulls. A household with a 3 phase power supply & 3 phase smart meter. A null would be caused by two sound waves 180 degrees out of phase colliding (and to varying degrees any two waves that are out phase with respect to each other). Ok so believe I am having an issue with 2 of my subs being out of phase. I have heard people wiring woofers out of phase with tweeters in order to fix an out of phase problem. When one woofer pushes out the other also does. My subs only have the option of 0 or 180. Another way to identify three phase from single phase is the width of the main switch. To check your sub's phase, play music with lots of bass, listen for a minute or so, and have a friend sitting by the sub flip the sub's 0/180-degree phase switch slowly back and forth.

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