keyboard arrow keys not working in excel

This can be especially frustrating if your keyboard doesn't have a Scroll Lock key, or there is no light indicator showing it's enabled. It’s because most modern equipment has done away with that button thinking most users just won’t use it. Complicating things further, there are a number of other issues that can lead to arrows not working in Excel. Turn off Sticky Keys. For as long as it remains enabled, the keys won’t do what they’re supposed to do. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time. The most common cause for arrow keys not working in Excel is scroll lock being enabled. Disable scroll lock. You should see a full keyboard appear. You should find that the scroll lock light is no longer on on your keyboard. You should find that the scroll lock light is no longer on on your keyboard. This person is a ... Two users are having this issue and I've only observed this behavior in Excel. This isn't the case. Press it and see if the cursor starts movingagain. These sometimes take a long time to process and will prevent you from navigating around the Excel spreadsheet using the arrow keys. MicroSoft keyboard 6.2 software driver installed, I'm not sure if there are any new updates for the keyboard or not. Add-ins help you get more out of Excel but sometimes they can cause conflicts as well. With these keys available for each direction, you can easily go from one cell to another with a single key-press. This makes it even more difficult to troubleshoot the source of your problem. To get arrow keys working again, press Enter and then Ctrl-Z to undo the current formula. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('snhb-sidebar_3-0'); }); Welcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of help desk tips for IT Professionals and geeks. I hope our step-by-step guide helped you fix the issue. Mac keyboards usually don’t have the scroll lock button on them and so disabling the feature is quite a task for you if you’re a Mac user. Unprotect the Excel workbook. Arrow Keys in Excel 2010 2011-11-09, 3:58 AM. On the right-hand side of the keyboard, you’ll find all the lock keys. If you take a look at your keyboard, you’ll find that the light for the scroll lock button is turned on. My name is Aseem Kishore and I am a full-time professional blogger. This behavior can be confusing so make sure you understand how to correctly enter data into Excel cells. If you don't want to unfreeze those panes, you could also try to zoom out the magnification in Excel so that you can use the arrow keys in the section of the spreadsheet that isn't frozen. If you’re frustrated by this behavior, you’ll probably want to find out how to fix it. And if so, we’d like to know what method worked for you. When the Scroll key locks, pressing any arrow key on the keyboard will move the entire worksheet instead of a single cell. To find a recent add-in you installed and disable it, select File > Options > Add-ins. If the above reason is why the arrow keys are not working in Excel on your computer, fixing it is just a matter of a key press. Note. Disabling Sticky Keys often resolves this issue. Addendum: Right-click Excel 's bottom status bar and put a check beside Scroll Lock to get a scroll lock indicator on the left side of the status bar. This seems to be recurring issues that happen on a lot of different Office versions including on Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. When working on Microsoft Excel your arrow keys may stop functioning, hindering the ease to scroll from one page or cell to another. Any idea on how to fix this. Arrow keys not working in Excel can be ascribed to the Scroll key locking. The most common cause for arrow keys not working in Excel is scroll lock being enabled. We hope your arrow keys not working in Excel issue is now resolved. After disabling Sticky Keys, repeat the instructions in step 1 to ensure scroll lock is actually disabled after you've turned off the Sticky Keys feature. It moves the screen instead. When you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet, the best way to move between cells is to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The issue with arrows not working in Excel can happen at any time, whether you're in the middle of editing a worksheet or switching between sheets. Arrows on Keyboard Not Working in Excel Latest update on July 24, 2020 at 08:51 AM by Aoife McCambridge . The following troubleshooting tips are listed in order of the most common to the least common causes for this issue, so working from first to last will solve the problem faster. We only send useful stuff! I have tried multiple keyboards as well as deleting/updating the keyboard drivers on both computers. Copyright © 2008-2020 Help Desk, LLC All Rights Reserved. Therefore, the first fix you can try is disabling Scroll Lock key. DaisyE - Jun 27, ... Hello, I am using Excel 2000. If I type in a cell it does not show in the formula bar. While it isn’t directly related to Excel or arrow keys, it’s worth toggling it to see if it fixes the issue for you. If you press an arrow key in this mode, the selected cell in the formula will change, but the arrow keys won't control the cursor in the sheet. Ryan Dube is a freelance contributor to Lifewire and former Managing Editor of MakeUseOf, senior IT Analyst, and an automation engineer. Using Excel on a larger screen makes it less unlikely that you'll encounter this issue since the screen is usually larger than the area of the frozen pane. When you open a protected workbook or worksheet, you won't be able to select cells or scroll through them. I have both Excel & Word 2010. Use The On-Screen Keyboard To Turn Off Scroll Lock Instead, when I press any of these keys, it moves the entire screen to the chosen direction. Complicating things further, there are a number of other issues that can lead to arrows not working in Excel. Then you can protect it again when you're done. Type on-screen keyboard and press Enter. However, if you didn’t have any luck with them, you might want to try a few more and see if they help you resolve the problem. Over the last few years, he's written a number of tech articles on various online publications including but not limited to MakeTechEasier and Android AppStorm. Tags: Excel If all the cells in the sheet you're looking at are inside of a group of columns or rows you've frozen, it may appear as though arrow keys stopped working in Excel. Even if you don’t have a Scroll Lock key on your keyboard (most laptops today don’t), you may have pressed the “Fn” key available on most laptops with another key, rather than the “Ctrl” key. The workaround creates an AppleScript and runs it when you use Excel on your machine. Unprotect the sheet first and arrow keys will work. If the above reason is why the arrow keys are not working in Excel on your computer, fixing it is just a matter of a key press. It indicates the lock is enabled, and you need to turn it off to activate the arrow keys. Can't move around using the arrow keys. So I just got my Lenovo Pro 3 and right on I start my daily work: Working with Excel (I have MS Office 2013) The thing is: The arrow keys do not help me move from one cell to the next. This procedure applies to Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, and Microsoft 365. Sometimes, it happens that these arrow keys do not work in Excel. None of the 4 works. Check if you're performing multiple calculations. Fix: Arrow Keys not Working in Excel. Then select Excel Add-ins > Go. Navigate to your Start Screen. Num Pad/Arrow Keys Not Working [NOT NUM-LOCK] by BrodyWood. Formula Entry mode is when you select a cell in Excel, type = and then start typing a function. So, the best approach is to confirm whether scroll lock is enabled, and if it isn't, move down the list of other troubleshooting tips. You can use this on-screen keyboard to turn the scroll lock off. Unfreeze rows or columns inside the current view. It’s fairly easy to disable add-ins in the Excel software. In most cases, you’re just a single keystroke away from getting the keys to do what they should be doing. On other Mac laptops or smaller keyboards, you'll need to install a virtual keyboard app that includes the F14 key in order to disable scroll lock in Excel. Read Mahesh's Full Bio. Older versions of Excel may not display the scroll lock status as described in this article, but many of the solutions may still work.

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