lapwing chick survival

To control for the confounding effect of parental quality on egg size and chick survival… ... Mr Knowler said despite the plover's risky nesting choices, the chick survival rate was high. Summary of Lapwing chick survival results. The masked lapwing, or plover, is known for choosing precarious nesting areas. We examined if this was the case by investigating growth and survival in chicks of northern lapwings Vanellus vanellus from mothers of monogamous, primary and secondary mating status. in review ), as was the number of male and female chicks fitted with transmitters (Masked Lapwing, 28 males and 22 females, exact … Chicks where monitored from hatching to the age of 15–18 d. Growth and survival in secondary chicks was lower than in monogamous and primary chicks. From top to bottom, the diagram shows the proportions of radiotagged chicks that were predated, survived the 30‐day monitoring period, or died or disappeared … Survival of chicks with and without trackers was equivalent (, Lees et al. Effects of egg size and parental quality on lapwing Vanellus vanellus chick survival were studied in southwestern Sweden over 6 years. (2007) identified distance of the lapwing plot to field boundaries as one of the best explaining variables for chick survival rates. SHELDON et al. Chicks from large eggs were heavier at hatching and survived significantly better than those from small eggs.

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