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The backlit keys on this keyboard that light up as soon as you touch them also improve the aesthetics of the keyboard. Mark Walton. The Logitech Craft Review From A Mac User’s Perspective. Because in addition to the Crown you are getting a great keyboard that gets most of the things right. Inside generic apps like Text Edit or Finder windows, twisting the crown functions as a volume control by default, but this can be customised to all manner of functions like switching between desktops or controlling screen brightness. The Craft is a heavy thing with solid rubber feet that, once placed down on a desk, reassuringly stays put. Those who like deep key travel and the feel and sound of mechanical keyboards might want to look elsewhere, however if you are someone who enjoy a reasonably quiet typing experience and a key travel that sits right in between Apple’s butterfly keyboard and the traditional mechanical keyboards, then you are going to love the Craft’s typing experience. It's surprising how quickly the crown becomes second nature and how frustrating it is when you switch to keyboard without it. An overlay highlights functions within an app like Photoshop. Users can assign an action of their choice to the Crown presses and choose from Show Desktop, App Expose, Back, Mute, launch an app and more. The keys go dim after a few seconds of inactivity to extend battery life. We are not talking about actual key presses folks, a simple touch on any part of the keyboard will light up the backlit keys, which is very cool. Weeks and months passed procrastinating after which the day that is today finally arrived, partly thanks to the current ongoing situation where I find myself having excessive time and nothing interesting to do. They have about a 2 mm throw. So I decided to get myself a Logitech Craft keyboard and promised myself I will justify getting it by writing a review for you guys. You can also use one of three Easy-Switch slots to connect your keyboard to your dual-boot Windows setup, so you can switch to the Windows or other OS by a simple press of a button. In addition to moving the mouse cursor from one device to another users the Logitech Flow feature also enables users to move files and clipboard items from one computer to another computer, provided they have the Flow software installed and are connected over the same network connection. According to Logitech the Craft’s battery should last up to 1 week on a single charge, which seems like a justifiable claim as in my experience the keyboard easily lasts that long on a typical office day’s use. Once you have paired with multiple devices you can switch between them by pressing the 1, 2 and 3 buttons located above the scroll keys. Creative apps that I use on a regular basis that include Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro X and iWork apps are not supported. On a Mac that includes the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and Chrome and Firefox, while in Windows there's also support for Microsoft office (Mac support for Office is promised). The Logitech Options software is easy to use. In the burgeoning market of premium peripherals, the Craft is up there with the best of them. The main body is constructed from a sturdy matte grey plastic, while a heavy aluminium bar at the top adds weight, a comfortable tilt (although it's sadly not adjustable) and the crown itself, which sits just above the escape key to the left of the keyboard. The crown really comes into its own in specific applications, where Logitech has created a range of profiles. On Mac and Windows users can also take advantage of Logitech’s Flow feature, which makes it possible for users to use their Logitech keyboards and mouse with multiple devices at the same time. You can significantly boost Craft’s battery life from a week to a few months by completely turning off the backlit keys feature, however I have not tested this claim personally. Before we start I need to clarify that I am not a ‘keyboard expert’, something you would have already figured out from the fact that before getting the Logitech Craft I was using the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It helps that the Craft is beautifully made. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. The keys also feel have a soft press feel, which again is great for those long typing sessions. There are, however, some weird limitations. I have been using mine over Bluetooth and have no troubles whatsoever. The Logitech Craft is a great keyboard that comes with a sleek and premium design, great and unique features, backlit keys and a decent battery life. Matt Burgess, By For awhile, a few years ago, I experimented with a Matias Tactile Pro, but I found it too noisy and the key throw was too long. If you're unsure of what particular function is active, touching the top of the crown brings up a reminder. They have a firmer action than, say, Apple's standard desktop keyboard (similar in feel to a Lenovo Thinkpad), while the concave indents in each key give your fingers a natural resting place while typing. Unlike the MacBook Pro keyboard that features backlit lights on individual keys, the Logitech Craft illuminates the whole keyboard at once, which results in light bleeding effect from the edges of the keys. It’s time to try a privacy-friendly alternative. +Free Gift. Unlike many multi-OS supporting keyboards out there, the Logitech Craft goes a step further in mentioning both Windows and Mac keys for Option and Command, which is handy. The lesser key travel also ensures that you don’t get tired typing as quickly as you might on a keyboard with a deeper travel. The Logitech Craft is an awesome first attempt at a creative keyboard, with a huge potential for growth and lots of room for more applications. The CRAFT's software support is still wanting on Mac, but that's something Logitech hopes to address soon. We will talk about the Crown in the later part of the review…. Tim Barber. Then there’s the giant dial called the Crown on top left corner of the keyboard that gives users unique controls and ability to perform various tasks on their computer. Andy Vandervell, By 1 Year Only £19 So without any further ado let’s get into the Logitech Craft longterm review from a Mac user’s perspective. Pricing, Availability and Should You Buy It? I desperately needed a replacement for my ageing Apple Wireless Keyboard, which I had been using for the past 4 years at that time. For all its uses, Logitech Craft’s wireless keyboard design is effortless and unpretentious, with a thin, sleek and round appearance that allows it to blend in with any desktop settings and reduce clutter. From its fast paring process, good battery life,…, If you have even shown the slightest interest in home automation, it’s most likely that you have heard…, Logitech Craft Keyboard – A Mac User’s Longterm Review, The Logitech Craft Review From A Mac User’s Perspective, Multi-Device Support And Power of Software. Check, you can't even assign custom macros: only the 17 function keys can be customised. The backlit keys on this keyboard that light up as … When it comes to app support, sadly I don’t use any of the apps mentioned above. It clicks, double clicks and rotates, adding contextual menus and smooth navigation to apps such as Maps and Adobe Photoshop without the need to reach for a mouse. Right off the bat you will notice that the overall look and design of the keyboard looks very sleek and Apple-like due to its premium design and materials. Thanks to its black keys and space grey-ish top the keyboard looks really good with the my MacBook Pro, and compliments my desktop setup. Learn more. Thanks to its black keys and space grey-ish top the keyboard looks really good with the my MacBook Pro, and compliments my desktop setup. The Surface Dial, a hockey-puck-sized controller designed for use with Microsoft's Surface Studio desktop computer, is the palette to the Surface's pen. I’ve mostly used Apple keyboards with my headless Macs because I like their layout, Mac focus, design and key feel. While the big Adobe apps are supported, Lightroom isn't, while there's just a token nod to Premiere with timeline scrubbing. Good Mac specific features and Crown’s support for a wide range of popular creative apps is just a bonus. The fact that the keyboard mentions these keys for both operating system also makes life of those who switch between them regularly convenient. Get Up To 5 Months Of Free Apple Music Subscription With Shazam, Get iPad Like App Switcher On iPhone With iPadSwitcher Tweak, How To Remove Yahoo Redirect Virus From Your Mac, 4 Things To Know About Cloud Computing For Businesses, Totallee’s The Doberman gives your iPhone 6s the extra strong protection it deserves, AirPods 3 With Noise Cancelling Leak In iOS 13.2 Developer Beta, Touch Is The World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds, Coming Soon To Indiegogo, The Philips Hue Bridge Allows For A Great Entryway Into Home Automation (Review), Backlit keys with indents for greater accuracy, Crown does not support many Mac Specific Creative apps, Room for improvement in battery life (1 week).

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