magnification of concave lens

mark as … Urgent 2 See answers thotadevyani thotadevyani the magnifying power of of a concave lens is always less than one. At what distance should the object from the lens be placed so that it forms an image at 10 cm from the lens? If the thickness of a lens is negligible in comparison to the radius of curvature, it is a thin lens. Also, find the magnification produced by the lens. Lens Formula and Magnification - Lens Power. First, what is a thin lens? In general, the lenses come in two shapes: convex (curved outward) and concave (curved inward). Example 10.3 - A concave lens has focal length of 15 cm. Thin Lens Formula with Magnification for Concave and Convex Lenses. Lenses, both converging and diverging, are the marvels of optical physics that use the ability of these media to refract, reflect, or bend light rays. please follow me. • Camera: The magnification of the image in the camera is done by adding multiple lenses one after another like a convex lens followed by a concave lens and again followed by a convex lens. By combining a concave lens with a convex lens, the undesirable effects are eliminated.

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