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While this is an understandable view — no one wants to suffer — Jesus says that this cannot be avoided. Therefore, they put service far above position, whereas the former put position far above service.”12. In higher states of consciousness, we can identify and remove the demons of our lower nature with relative ease, depending on our willingness to call upon the Lord and fight against evil and falsity. Apparently, the disciples think that if someone is not a part of their immediate group, that person should not be allowed to cast out demons in Jesus’ name.This is an age-old difficulty, not limited to this first group of followers. The truth of the matter is that a proper understanding of spiritual reality opens the eye to see all that is good and true; conversely, false thinking prompted by an evil desire makes us see everything in the worst possible light. This includes physical violence, sexual abuse, cheating, lying, blatant disrespect for parents and any other behavior that a child should neither learn nor imitate. marka 9:23 - At sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus, Kung kaya mo! And Jesus concludes this episode by promising that God will sustain us at every step of the way, “with His holy angels” — the truths of His Word.The confession of Jesus’ divinity is a high point in the education of the disciples, but it is not the end of Jesus’ teaching. 2At pagkaraan ng anim na araw, ay isinama ni Jesus si Pedro, at si Santiago, at si Juan, at sila'y dinalang bukod sa isang mataas na bundok: at siya'y nagbagong-anyo sa harap nila; And He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing except by prayer and fasting.”---The disciples are now descending the mountain. This is true for each of us as well. Hear Him!” (Mark 9:7). This light, in its essence, is truth, and in this light the acknowledgment of the Lord as the God of heaven and earth shines in all its glory.”5. The good works that follow could be as simple as offering someone a cup of cold water. Truth without use is dry, dull, insipid and flat. He demonstrated by picking up a child and saying to the disciples, “Whoever shall receive one of these little children in My name receives Me” (Mark 9:37).One of the disciples, John, notices Jesus’ use of the phrase “in My name,” and raises a question about what this might mean. Just as fire can purify metal and kill bacteria, a life according to the truths of religion can purify the human spirit. 31Sapagka't tinuruan niya ang kaniyang mga alagad, at sa kanila'y sinabi, Ibibigay ang Anak ng tao sa mga kamay ng mga tao, at siya'y papatayin nila; at pagkapatay sa kaniya, ay siyang magbabangong muli pagkaraan ng ikatlong araw. Wherever the spirit of cruelty, revenge, jealousy, greed, anger, lust, dishonesty, or selfishness is cast out in the name of the Lord, good works will surely follow. They should not yet say anything to anyone about any miracle, nor are they to speak to anyone about Jesus’ divinity — not yet, not until Jesus has risen from the dead.This is partially because they do not yet understand what is meant by “rising from the dead.” As it is written, “They kept the matter to themselves, disputing about what rising from the dead could mean” (Mark 9:10). The faith was, that the Lord was Almighty because He was able to perform miracles of Himself…. Peter’s idea, to “make three tabernacles” represents their sense that something profoundly holy is taking place and that they must do something to acknowledge the holiness of the moment. Expressions like, “it’s been eating at me” and “I feel like I’m being eaten alive,” convey something about what it’s like to be tormented by consuming thoughts that worm their way into our consciousness. We have hands; this symbolizes the power we have from the Lord to do good. Arcana Coelestia 10225:7: “Innocence is a receptacle of all things of heaven, and thus the innocence of children is a plane for all affections for good and truth…. 10At kanilang iningatan ang pananalitang ito, na nangagtatanungan sila-sila kung ano ang kahulugan ng pagbabangong maguli sa mga patay. 49Sapagka't bawa't isa'y aasnan sa pamamagitan ng apoy. Whatever might be the name of one’s faith group, the removal of evil in oneself is at the essence of what it means to live as a follower of Christ. 27Datapuwa't hinawakan siya ni Jesus sa kamay, at siya'y ibinangon; at siya'y nagtindig. And He said to them, “Amen I say to you that there are some of them standing here who shall not taste of death till they have seen the kingdom of God coming in power.”2. But they should know that their faith is not faith…. A man approaches Jesus, saying, “Teacher, I have brought my son to You.” The man says that His son has “a spirit that causes him to be unable to speak. “It’s better to enter into life lame,” says Jesus, “than having two feet to be cast into hell” (Mark 9:45). } Even though Jesus knows that His disciples are expecting a physical kingdom where they will reign as princes and kings, He is gradually exposing them to more interior truths about the reality of the coming kingdom. To ensure that this is not a mere abstraction, the stories about Jesus are necessary, for they portray God in visible form, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and feeding the hungry. Not only are the disciples to receive little children as Jesus does, but they are also to receive anyone — whether within their circle of followers or not — who does the Lord’s work. And because these qualities have their origin in God, the reception of these qualities — especially an eagerness to learn and a desire to help — is tantamount to receiving Jesus, or as Jesus says, to receive one of these “little ones” is not just “to receive Me,” but it is also “to receive the one who sent Me.” In this way, Jesus is showing His disciples that if they really want to be “first” in the coming kingdom, they will need to cultivate a receptive spirit — a spirit that receives these spiritual qualities as readily as children do. Arcana Coelestia 10019: “The head and the whole body exercise their power by means of the hands … Therefore, the term, ‘hand,’ signifies whatever pertains to a person’s actions.” See also Arcana Coelestia 8910:5: “The hand corresponds to the power which is of truth … and in the opposite sense to the power of falsity from evil.”19. He desires that we eat this food and enjoy it, salting it liberally with both the affection for learning truth and the desire to put that truth into our life.In the case of the disciples, this could begin immediately. 1. When Jesus cast the demon out of the boy who suffered from seizures, He made it quite clear that the kind of demon that possessed the boy only went out with prayer and fasting. (Mark 9:50). Divine Providence 79[2]: “If people repent and turn away from [wrongdoing] … the good behavior [that follows] is opposite to the evil, and then becomes a part of themselves. 41Sapagka't ang sinomang magpainom sa inyo ng isang sarong tubig, dahil sa kayo'y kay Cristo, katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, na hindi mawawala sa anomang paraan ang ganti sa kaniya. (translation: Tagalog: Ang Dating Biblia (1905)) And Jesus said to him, “If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believes.”24. In the beginning of faith, it is necessary to have absolute trust in God’s omnipotence, especially as it is revealed through Jesus. And yet, “thought from the eye closes the understanding, but thought from the understanding opens the eye.”21. True Christian Religion 508:5: “The teachings of the new church are continuous truths revealed by the Lord through the Word. But they did not understand the saying and were afraid to ask Him.33. It is worthless, comparable to salt that has lost its saltiness. So, he asks Jesus, saying, “We saw someone casting out demons in Your name, but because He does not follow us, we told him to stop” (Mark 9:38). Healing a Demon-Possessed Boy---14. Jesus begins by talking about the various offenses that must be avoided. Other offensesOffending the “little ones” is just one of a series of offenses that Jesus addresses in this session with the disciples. This is strong language, but it needs to be so in order to make an important, unforgettable point. As Jesus says, it’s a worm that “does not die.” 22 By that faith, therefore, many then performed miracles. These graphic images are given to teach powerful lessons about the torment we bring upon ourselves by freely choosing to abuse the gifts we have been given. On Greatness---30. Ang lahat ng mga bagay ay may pangyayari sa kaniya na nananampalataya. We need to cut it out immediately, no matter how painful this might be. 2 At pagkaraan ng anim na araw, ay isinama ni Jesus si Pedro, at si Santiago, at si … In physically lifting the child, and holding him in the center of the circle, Jesus gives the disciples a picture of the qualities that they will need to develop.

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