myq smart garage hub turn off beeping

How loud, how long. Not overly complicated. As I noted earlier in the form, you have failsafe photo eyes designed to detect someone standing in the path of the door. You won’t find the text free online, you have to buy the books or web access. Craftman’s parent company Chamberlain and LiftMaster manuals and design seem similar, if not identical except for the stickers. It is a safety mechanism when closing the door from a location where you are not there to see who is around. If I ever did move there would be no evidence of the lack of a safety features as the MyQ gateway and the ST hub would be coming with me. I’m sure there are people that need/want the warning in a residential area. If your smartapp disables a safety feature the manufacturer considers mandatory, it raises a lot of issues. To summarize, I can see the point of the beeper. I hate to say it, but give someone a temp password to load the code for you, then change the password back right after it’s loaded. Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day. When you close the garage the hub lets off a pretty loud beeping until the door is finished closing. Press and hold the Settings button (gear) on the Wi-Fi hub until the blue LED blinks then release. Hi @njmach007 – I tried your suggested experiment and got the same error messages. Furthermore, the beeper gives you very little indication of what is happening. Safety codes are different in different places, California cars being the obvious example. Share access. Not beeping is illegal in some jurisdictions. To be clear, the audible closure warning applies when the garage door is closing in “unattended mode,” meaning the person is not necessarily line of sight to the door. We was handed only one garage door opener and of course was in need of two. Prince(maybe). But I don’t know if Chambelain’s exceeds it. Not necessarily your own family, either. The hub is set to factory default. SmartThings has big plans for the connected home in 2015. Mine (Craftsman 1998) has no beeping from the factory. This will only sound if you close the door from the app so if using the button on the wall this is not an issue. FWIW, any code that treats a device that self identifies as an automatically closing door as a generic contact sensor is likely to run into these kind of issues. Not beeping is illegal in some jurisdictions. Maybe they think people are either inside the car or on the sidewalk outside during closing? If closing the door via SmartThings removes a safety feature that the lift manufacturer does not let you turn off in their own smartphone app, then that raises multiple issues. Just one of those things to be aware of if a smartapp fails to deploy a safety feature the device manufacturer considers mandatory. many of these safety features are built on the premise that a door that closes out of sight of the person controlling it needs extra safety features. You’re definitely right that the beep is usually associated specifically with Internet controls. It’s not a contact sensor. Debuts at CES 2014. Small child fooling around while waiting for a school bus?) • Check your router ports (TCP/UDP port 8883). Clear Button #1 and #2. As @copyninja has stated, he’d like to be able to have the beeper function but hasn’t figured out how to make it work. I’m not sure what sparked the legal discussion of warning devices, but I have a few points I’ve been thinking over the last couple of days that I’d like to make. It’s not a contact sensor. Thanks to everyone who worked on it!! Pretty specific. I don’t think support will load this for you, since its community/unapproved code. Looked at a few other manuals and the only beeping I can find for their brand is for low battery on models with a backup battery and TTC/Gateway closures.

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