negative reinforcement in relationships

Negative reinforcement is often a misunderstood psychological and behavioral-science term. Negative reinforcement can be an effective way to strengthen the desired behavior. Negative reinforcement is an often misunderstood concept. Experimental tests of both reward and punishment in romantic relationships have a fairly long history. When a long period elapses between the behavior and the reinforcer, the response is likely to be weaker. For example, if your dog barks, smacking it on the backside is punishment for excessive barking. … Reinforcement in Romantic Relationships. Many people think that negative reinforcement is a punishment for an undesired behavior from another. We see the word negative and feel that it has to do with an outcome, something bad happened, or resulted. However, it is most effective when reinforcers are presented immediately following a behavior. Worryingly, if you get positive and negative reinforcement wrong, you can risk y our career, y our business, y our relationships, y our reputation, and y our brand. Positive and negative reinforcement each have their merits, so it’s imperative to know when to employ them.

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