new york compression ableton

Basically, what you do is mix two versions of the drum track together – one track being treated with quite severe compression, and the other being uncompressed. Loading up a compressor into the new chain. 3. Parallel compression - also known as New York compression - is an essential production technique, used by mix engineers to create fatter, more powerful, drum, bass and synth tracks. We put the effect into a VST, AU and AAX compressor plugin for Cubase, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools on Mac / PC. On the second Chain, rename it ‘Compression’. Parallel audio compression, also works great when mastering a track and will certainly give you that big, fat, punchy New York sound! Check: More Ableton Live Tutorials About The Author: Rafael Hofstadter is a recording and mixing engineer and sound designer with 10+ years experience in playing and programming synths, recording, mixing and producing pop/rock/folk albums. This is going to make the compressors grip on the audio very strong. The New York Compressor offers a continuous RMS-time control, enabling you to fine-tune the response of the compression and adjust the attack and release settings in an analogue style. Continuing with the course, you also learn about the Limiter, Saturator, different EQs, and more! Load Ableton’s Compressor device into the second Chain and mute the ‘Dry’ chain my clicking on the yellow speaker icon. Knowing this, we are going to crank the ratio all the way up to 10 to 1. Das ganze war dann auch speziell für Drums gedacht. Remember, New York compression involves a heavy amount of compression and will be more compression than you would ever want to use directly on an audio signal that is not a return/send track. The New York Compression Trick (Parallel Compression) Post by TekMonki » Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:14 pm I picked up a book on mixing the other day, Bobby Owsinski's "Mixing Engineer's Handbook" and just flipping through it, I highly recommend it for the sheer amount of plain english info alone. New York Compressor key features: Mix (0% to 100%): Mixes between the clean signal and the compressed signal, allowing you to apply the compression in parallel. From there, Noah dives into the often mystifying Multiband Dynamics device, explaining everything about upward/downward compression & expansion. Mixing has always kinda been my own weak spot and this book looks to help out a lot with that. Use it for the best parallel compression results. Next, we are going to adjust the attack of the compressor. … Es ist also eher eine ganz spezielle und genau definierte Art von Parallelkompression. New York Compression geht aber in dieser originalen Definition etwas weiter, da gehört ein Pultec-artiger EQ dazu, bei dem 100Hz und 10k massiv angehoben werden. This will help us keep track of things later. After learning every parameter of the Compressor and Glue Compressor devices, you discover how to do sidechain and parallel (New-York style) compression. Parallel compression is also known as New York compression, and is a very popular technique for getting drums louder whilst retaining most of the energy of the original envelope. Select the first chain and press Cmd+R and rename the Chain ‘Dry’.

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