now i see juice wrld

I ain't see this comin' when I was out there movin' packs Free my brother in prison, I just bought him another Jag' – Juice WRLD. I woke up this morning and I just see juice wrld passed away. You can try if you want, we gon' be posted at the front Yeah she do it all, she tryna' hit the mall 60. Ju-jump-man We, uh pull up straight to your crib It's an outrage, that I'm too paid I'm in London with my slatts Well, I'm growin' up, I'm blowin' up, been glowin' up, been showing out, and showing up, they know it's us My momma ask everyday when I wake up do I sin? G-Money hit me, he said let's get this money, where you at [Chorus: Juice WRLD] Aimin' at your head like a nigga caught concussions SoundCloud. She told me that I help make the stuffing On tour fucking bitches we was getting paid Tryna find a baddie, hit it from the back end Passionately early, won't show up late to your crib The best SoundCloud rapper to do it, it's not SoundCloud Drivin' in Forces I got gangs, I got zoels, I got all that you need, hit my phone, that's a trap, cause the studio is where I be cookin' all my crack Yo' girl could have everything but a title Yeah, uh, uh I'm jumpin', these niggas got No Jumper, shout out to No Jumper I put that on my life, then put my dick on her twice Mhm , , , Life's a race, we first place, all them opps we overlapped. That's you, always stealing flows Got that bitch twisted like my dreadlocks Let me fuck yo' bitch It was recorded November 19th, 2018 but officially released November 24th, 2020. I say, I'm massively rapping, I'm massive the fact that these bastards can't manage, I promise you gon' need more than a bandage, I promise the proceed, I had yo' momma coked up like a nosebleed Run up on choppa on me, it'll pop ya Young Thugger give me the word, man, I swear you're gonna get wet Second ounce to eat, fuckin' with my team, I was mixin' perky with the motherfuckin' lean She say she ain't lookin' for, I'm her last man And me, I'd rather have a fucking house up in the hills Numero, numero uno, I'm testing, yo girl, my dick is in her intestines I don't give shits, I just take shits These bitches trip on like Twitter you just wanna follow us Juice WRLD ... Juice WRLD… I gotta pass the time on some grime shit I'm not, but this shit lead to my fuckin' lottery winnings Run up on me then I shoot, it ain't nothing We all get twenty-four hours, ain't no need for you to be mad I pass em' to G-Money and Chris and they take em' do-o-wn It's an outrage, that the industry two faced 2020-11-06T16:56:00Z. Wе lit, pussies some rookies, ain't nobody can match I'm not bogus, I'm just caught up in my ways Think they ballin' like they Lakers , , , -, I'm like conversion, you can't fuck with me 62. Pills in my stomach, yeah See, I live in some styrofoam, I call that shit my second home (Unreleased), Pull Up* Ma, cause I don't give a fucking about nothing Momma like "Why you keep cussing?" Chris Long formerly known as Juice WRLD’s photographer was the one who released and uploaded the video to his channel. AP Two-Tone on my wrist nigga, you know what it is Shaquelio O'Neil in the fourth, I was throwin' all the bowls, oh Confident than a bitch, I'm confident than a bitch Emo rap kid still too hood, AP on my wrist, I'm feelin' like the man again, walk across the sky feelin' like I'm Anakin They givin' smoke too, I never gave a fuck Choppa on my hip, I shoot it like it's Afghan' (Missing Lyrics), Deal With This Hurt (Rockstar In His Prime), Spark Me Up In the down of a buy you, drive right by you, and serve you heat like you at a drive through This is real life, and you dealin' with a bloodhound, I don't smoke loud, I smoke niggas buckloud, I'm doper than all of them dope dealers you know now Let me sip this uh, let me sip this sip I'ma earthquake, how I shake shit Choppa leave a nigga shakin' like a Haitian [Verse 7: Guitar Instrumental] John Cena with the hook and the headlock Squeak told me that perc's is on the way I'm doper than dope dealers, you will get disfigured, and wash like a nanny when she washing the dish nigga, ballin' I swish nigga I can't help but enforce it But it's like Velcro, this shit stuck with me We Repo man, we pull up straight to your crib nigga The crack I cook could make your auntie jaw lock Makin' shit drop like a baby in a diaper, heh, yeah I'm gon' run this shit, I feel like it is an army Askin' me when I'm comin' to their to-o-wn

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