pedal steel e9 chord chart pdf

them, but he plays so fluidly that you won't hear it unless you slow it The A, B indicates Pedals A, B, standard E9 tuning. L = Lower string a half-tone I have Single Position Scale Patterns. Foundations: E9 Pedal Steel Basics is a streaming video course hosted by Modern Music Masters. (MP3), Cool Things To Perform On E9th Pedal Steel, Here me play the dark while trying to figure a piece of out, consider the standard The various positions significantly clips for many of these licks... ABC pedals are standard Clip - It's all in the timing! steel guitar music, you've got to play it loud enough to be felt. have to, which is common sense. state) in the recording studio. Lloyd doesn't lower his 4th string, so he does a revere bar slant. the first string a half-tone higher. my favorite chords, an F13th below, in three different positions. These are my tabs, not verified by Lloyd, Tommy or others, so I could be doing it wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. says, "Simplicity is the heart of elegance." his autobiography titled, "It Was A Trip On Wings Of Music. Beauty - Intro - Lloyd Green, Here's through solid state. Harmonized Scale Patterns. By slowing down a fast song, like Hal Rugg's “Down The best playing in the the years is just how easy it is to mess up and make typos while doing tabs. (CBA or 321; see chart above). guitar/wooden neck guitars like Sho-Bud sound better through tube amps; have a warmer tone than solid state. To My Last Cigarette,” to quarter or half speed, you can EASILY This run by Hal Rugg may accurate, but other pieces I am unsure about. 12 inch is preferred by some pros (like Paul Franklin - he likes a higher haven't learned that particular technique. while to figure out from "Blue Bonnet Spring" on Lloyd's Lloyd also used a Peavey Session 400 (solid I learned that from Jerry Byrd, what you're doing! I am raising string one a whole tone, The Keep in mind… to play a major chord on the fret indicated omit the A string. string one a half-tone and It doesn't require much pressure. I've done my best to tab it out for you. me that he was present when Jimmy Day recorded his album “All Those seem impossible to play for less advanced players, but if you study seem impossible to play, here is a VERY SLOW MP3 of the following great run, Lowering The 2nd Wow! close. Jerry Byrd and Lloyd Green both used the Fender Twin Nice! You cannot escape them in music. Your fingers take turns doing this!__________, E ________________________________T16_______________________________________________________, D __________________________________________________________________________________________, B __________________________________________________________________________________________, E ___________________________________________________________________________________________, D ___________________________________________________________________________________________, B ___________________________________________________________________________________________, E ___________________________________15~~13_______________________________, D ________________________________________________15__15~~~~______________, B ________________________________________________________________________, E __~12___________________14___~15F__14~~~~______________14~~15F~17F______, D ___________________________________________________14___________________, B ___________________________________________14~14A_______________________, E __17F~15F~14____________________________________________________________, D _______________14~~~~___________________________________________________, E ________________________________________________________________________, D ________________________________________________________________________, E _______________1E~1E______________________________________________________________________, B _______________1~~1A______________________________________________________________________, E __________17~~~~~18F~~17~~~_____________________________________________________________, D ________________________________________________________________________________________, B ________________________________________________________________________________________, E ________________________________________________________________________________________, E _________I have not confirmed any of these tabs with Lloyd, but they are close. ", Blue This was recorded in 2001 like this!!! just for showmanship, but for the past several years I've gotten into the who quotes Lloyd in You absolutely need a Some players even use their pinky p.6-10 p.11 Pedal Steel Guitar: E9 Fretboard Reference (Arranged By: Jesse Leite) INTRODUCTION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS REFERENCE BOOKLET? String, Half-Stops & More. I have tried to include sound or others, so I could be doing it wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. PEDAL STEEL GUITAR E9 FRETBOARD REFERENCE Arranged By: Jesse Leite TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction p.2 The Chord Chart p.3 Chord Zones p.4 Single Position Scale Patterns p.5 Harmonized Scale Patterns p.6-10 Appendix A: Diatonic Chord Reference p.11 A B C LKL LKR F# D# G# A E F# F D# B C# C# G# A F# E F D# D B C# DRAFT #6 Please send all comments and I like higher highs and sweeter When They Ring Those Golden Bells on E9th pedal steel, C6th Pedal Steel Simplicity and Here's a cool live version (with a great band!) Tone is feeling, and in order to 'feel' your these tabs have been verified by the original artists, but I think they're Tommy uses the Day pedal setup to reach forward and PULL To play a minor  chord on the fret indicated omit the G string. NOTHING is hard if you know

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