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The overall build quality of the grill is quite good. I did my first cook on my Lockhart last weekend and other then the app I love it. However, you also need to think about that weight in terms of moving the grill around. Lamb Shanks, All Fish The smoke tubes you can also get at Walmart or amazon. Prime Rib First I must say that even with my Rec Tec that I spent a fortune on, the higher the temperature, the least amount of smoke you will get. Have you downloaded the Pit Boss app to your phone? Learn more. I get plenty of smoke flavor at low temperatures  and around 60 feet of range on the bluetooth controller to the app on my phone through several walls. The food was basically baked at 225 until it was done. Back Ribs The screen is touch sensitive so things like sending more pellets to the burn pot or even turning on the internal lights are controlled by a simple touch. The result is I often end up “running out” of pellets in the middle of a cook even though there are plenty in the hopper. Someone had stated that due to location of the temperature probe in the top smoker, the temperature is about 100 degrees difference. Oysters Update: I called PitBoss customer service and they informed me that from what they can tell and what they have seen most people use the top cabinet for cold smoking (even though they say you should be able to hot smoke it in just fine.). This thing is heavy at 275 lbs without any pellets in the hopper so I recommend you order it online for direct delivery instead of trying to haul it home from Walmart but that choice is entirely up to you. I love this smoker and I've logged at least 40 hours on it so far with no issues. Then, of course, the best part is getting to share the result with family and friends. In order to get the upper to 225 the lower will be 325 or more. Roasts Do you know if their is any pellet smokers out that will give me plenty of smoke like a gas smoker or a stick Burner? I got mine a couple weeks ago and love it. Check your email, and click "Confirm" and well send you a copy of the checklist. But all of the above I was able to figure out after a few trial runs. The closer the rack to the bottom of the top smoker unit the closer to the lower box temperature it is. I assume the added complexity would have pushed the price up too high. It doesn’t get as hot as my Weber Summit so searing suffers somewhat but even so, The Lockhart has become my go-to grill for most of my cooks. Hold temperature very well, lots of room. Leg of Lamb I have a Weber grill with sear, but does not add the additional flavor you get from the wood pellets. London Broil Required fields are marked *, Smokedbbqsource.com is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to Amazon.com products. You can fill with pellets light it up and put on the main grill and it provides smoke for 4-6 hours. See full disclosure. You can also see any errors (most commonly that wood pellets aren’t being fed to the auger.). Thnx for all the recipes, and rubs Jeff. If you have, So you’ve decided to buy your first smoker but your head is starting to spin just thinking about all the options out there. This is because the pellets are used for fuel as well as smoke. Meatloaf Pork Sirloin, Chicken Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Pellet Smoker Review It's large, in charge and it's the newest thing from Pit Boss! Been 3 weeks and still waiting for them to call me back! Good luck and hope this helps, I love this grill. I am not a novice by no means so I am going to give you my take on this product. That’s what I’m looking for. So, all and all, if you are a novice or a full fledged enthusiast, I give this product an absolute thumbs up as long as you know what you are getting. I have a Traeger. There’s a lot of fluff about grilling and smoking in general, but not details on this grill in particular. Picnic Chops Chuck Roast There are four probe inputs on the underside of the controller but the smoker ships with two probes. The Pit Boss app is still new as of this writing and I’m hoping much of this can improve. I had to set e temp to 375-400 degrees to get the smoker up to 225. None which I could see. I’ve had it come crashing down on me multiple times so I started always keeping one hand on the handle. On the front of the Lockhart is an ash drawer with a pull handle. Your email address will not be published. I ended up finishing it myself since he had other places to be but I do recommend having some help if you can wrangle it. The top smoke box has four grates with about 3-1/4″ of vertical space between each one. The first time I used the Lockhart was to grill a steak smoke billowed out and I even had to duck down when opening the lid to flip the steak. The only problem I have had is it sometimes gets grease dripped onto it and then it sticks and is hard to move. Absolutely horrible design, you’re not gonna fit a full size Texas Brisket in that little opening on the bottom. There is little to no smoke to the upper chamber in smoke mode. Here’s step-by-step instructions for connecting the Lockhart or other “Smoke It” controllers to your smart phone: https://pitboss-grills.com/smoke-science/basics/how-to-connect-smoke-it-controller. Breast It cooks great and I really like it but am I doing something wrong? I’d recommend this for anyone just getting into bbq who wants a single grill/smoker combination, or for a more seasoned chef who wants something simple for those week-day dinners. This unit, when you open up the center section sears Amazingly!!! One other potential negative was you can’t control the smoke cabinet independently of the main grill. If you do not look at it as a negative adding a tube or pan, you may enjoy all the qualities this smoker/grill has to offer. With a knob located on the outside of the unit, you can go from indirect heat to direct flame broiling heat and this is really nice if you are cooking something that needs a little sear in it's life. Light in the main chamber and light in the smoke chamber as well. Introducing the Pit Boss Lockhart, one of the platinum series pellet smokers just released and carried exclusively by Walmart. So far I have attempted to smoke ribs, chicken, and a pork butt and there was NO smoke flavor at all. The instructions were easy to follow and all the pieces fit well and were well machined. When you lift it up it may not stay up by itself because of the smoke cabinet. Lockhart should be fine for what you are looking for. The 560 gets up to 700 degrees for searing. Burgers The Lockhart also ships with six sausage hooks in case you want to smoke some sausage in the upper smoke box area. page 1 model / modÈle / modelo: pb2180lk part / piÈce / parte: : 10500 lockhart wood pellet & smoker combo important, read carefully, retain for future reference. Tenderloin I found it was best to just run these beforehand though that meant your grill or smoke area was open while you did it. Still have to get out out the shop vac to fully clean. Pit Boss sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. If I buy the Lockhart, can I cook up some hamburgers at 450 one day and smoke a brisket the next? There are eyelets in the smoker cabinet, grill area, and to the control board to run your probe wires. However, i feel like a $700+ smoker should produce smoke on its own. Yes i always vacuum out the grill before each use. This is a feature that as far as I know, is not comparable in other pellet smokers. With the flame broiling capability, it could definitely be a really decent replacement for a grill AND give you a ton of hot smoking capability as well as some cooler smoking capability up top. Easy peasy! Get your free Smoking Times and Temperature chart: Before we can send you your free smoking chart, you need to confirm your email. Corned Beef I’ve tried different pellets but no smoke. Ryan, I really like the Pit Boss pellets and use them in most of my pellet smokers. The area right over the burn pot is the main cooking area. If you want a pellet grill with endless space, versatility and searing capability then the Lockhart is definitely worth considering. Overall, there are a lot of features on this grill and I wish the manual did a better job explaining them all. The Lockhart provides an excellent way to cook over wood and get that wood flavor, while not requiring the setup and cleanup time of a traditional smoker or charcoal grill. Any ideas? I have had my lockhart for 3 weeks and all 3 times I tried using it i have had nothing but problems. No cover came with the smoker. Crown Roast For the most part, the grill operates exactly how you would expect for a pellet grill. They are correct. To cook, you set a target temperature for the grilling area. Total combined cooking space is more than 2000 in.². Brisket Make sure you click the button in that email so you can start receiving emails from us. The ash dump clean out is a joke. Quarter In this hands-on review, we’ll go through our experience cooking on the Lockhart for the last few months so read on to find out how well this grill performs in the real world.

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