playstation brand community

In 1994, PlayStation made its foray into the global console gaming market with the launch of one of the most popular gaming platforms ever known. It has become a multimedia mogul in its own right thanks to the effects of sponsorship, word of mouth, social media and merchandise. Well, for one thing, it’s powered by our community media platform Disciple! by telling us about your community goals. Apple. Unleash new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated with PlayStation 5. But today, brands have more opportunities to connect with customers than ever before. Here, Lego fans can submit construction ideas, and popular ones can end up on the shelves. Before online brand communities, there were owners’ clubs and exclusive events organised by brands for their most valued customers. The Airbnb host community thrives on this fact by offering a space for people to build relationships, learn more about each other’s cultures and become better hosts. He’s also built an extensive portfolio of video trainings and online classes and published a bestselling book. To learn how to create a brand community that stands the test of time, there’s no better way to start than by exploring some of the best online brand community examples in existence. There are reasons why they’re products tend to be a lot more expensive than they’re competitors’, and it’s not just about quality, innovation and support. Let’s explore some of the best online brand community examples on the web and why they’re so successful: Apple might be one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, but there’s a lot that smaller brands can learn from their enormous marketing success as well. Not only is PlayStation Plus one of the biggest communities of elite gamers – it’s an advocate community consisting of eSports fans, enthusiasts and leading influencers in the industry. Take on the role of Colt as you search for a way to put an end to a timeloop trapping Blackreef while being hunted by the island’s inhabitants. As a lifestyle icon in its own right, the brand launched the Harley Owners Club as a way to bring fans together and organise events and meetups all over the globe. A household name all over the world, it’s spawned a global franchise consisting of movies, video games, and Legoland amusement parks. Facing a rapidly growing global community, he decided to launch an online platform where his fans could connect with one another and interact with his lessons no matter where they were. World-famous yoga instructor Rod Stryker started teaching in 1982 and has since developed a strong personal brand and become a go-to authority in yoga and meditation. Find an incredible deal on PS4™ games, PlayStation®Plus and PlayStation®Now subscriptions and more in our Black Friday sale. Brand loyalty is defined by a sense of belonging. The Danish toy giant has enjoyed seventy years of unparalleled success and thrived during an age in which parents often have a hard time getting their children away from the screen. One of the best examples of brand communities is the Lego community. Travel is one of those topics that almost everyone likes to talk about, especially now that the world has become so much more accessible. Disciple helps businesses enjoy all the benefits of brand communities with an independent, valuable, and trusted platform in a safe space that they own and control. Created in Austria in 1987, Red Bull has grown to dominate the global energy drink market, but there’s much more to the brand than its caffeine-laced pick-me-ups. By consolidating their other community assets, such as Beauty Board, Beauty Talk and Ratings and Reviews, Sephora managed to create a community experience that’s cohesive, immersive, and fuels conversational shopping. PlayStation Plus was later launched to provide access to premium features, such as early access to pre-release games, regular discounts and social features like online forums and community apps. The Harley Owners Club works by developing and reinforcing the identity of its fans and giving them access to exclusive benefits, such as invitations to official events, membership of local chapters, and additional services like insurance and roadside assistance.

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