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The Eucharist is not simply an act of remembrance; it is a fact: the Lord’s Passover is made present once again for us. He did not just leave us signs, for we can forget even what we see. Scripture has been given to us that we might overcome our forgetfulness of God. They make us fearful and suspicious. And let us also rediscover Eucharistic adoration, which continues the work of the Mass within us. We cannot do without the Eucharist, for it is God’s memorial. And that is what Jesus does. Dear brothers and sisters, let us continue our celebration of Holy Mass: the Memorial that heals our memory. “Before pouring out His love for us on the Cross, Jesus shares his final wishes,” the Pope said. Vatican City, Jun 14, 2020 / 08:00 am MT ().-Here is the full text of Pope Francis' Corpus Christi homily, delivered June 14 at the Basilica of St. Peter. LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS. Homilies 2020. If you want to know more click here. Pope Francis' Homily at Consistory for Creation of 13 New Cardinals. Vatican events | 2020/11/28 ... they are our “today” but also and always the goal of our journey. The Homilies of Pope Francis from 2013 to 2020, linked to the Bible and listed by Subject, including Compassion, Love, ... Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It gives us Jesus’ love, which transformed a tomb from an end to a beginning, and in the same way can transform our lives. If we do remember, however, we bind ourselves afresh to the strongest of ties; we feel part of a living history, the living experience of a people. Memory is not something private; it is the path that unites us to God and to others. By Vatican News. When you subscribe to the CNA UPDATE, we'll send you a daily email with links to the news you need. He sees and loves the beauty and goodness that we are. He gave us Food, for it is not easy to forget something we have actually tasted. He gives of himself in order to teach us that only by opening our hearts can we be set free from our interior barriers, from the paralysis of the heart. In the afternoon today – Ash Wednesday, the day of the beginning of Lent – a prayer assembly took place in the form of the Roman “Stations”, presided over by the Holy Pope Francis. Let us not settle only for what is necessary.” He reminded them that we are created “to make God’s dreams come true in this world. ... Read today’s Gospel passage again and reflect on it. Pope Francis told 19 new priests earlier this week to make sure "that your homilies are not boring.". Do! Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica for the Solemnity of Christ the King, observed annually on the last Sunday of the liturgical year. When making daily choices, we must ask ourselves not, “What do I feel like doing,” but rather, “What is best for me?” This, the Pope said, is the question the Holy Spirit places in hearts. God, however, can heal these wounds by placing within our memory a greater love: his own love. We are living at a time of great orphanage. If we do not remember it, we become strangers to ourselves, “passers-by” of existence. For the works of mercy give glory to God more than anything else. The Eucharist heals orphaned memory. Pope Francis Remembers Maradona In Prayer Pope Francis has remembered Diego Maradona in his prayers after learning of the soccer ... were a predecessor to modern banking and formed the foundation for today’s economy. In morning homily, pope says that the devil enjoys destroying, but he begins with something more subtle. Copyright © 2017-2020 Dicasterium pro Communicatione - All rights reserved. Pope Francis on Saturday held the 7 th ordinary public consistory of his pontificate to create 13 new cardinals who come from 8 nations of the world. The Lord heals this negative memory, which drags to the surface things that have gone wrong and leaves us with the sorry notion that we are useless, that we only make mistakes, that we are ourselves a mistake. Fathers are commanded to tell the story to their sons, as we read in a beautiful passage. How will Catholics respond? “When your son asks you in time to come, ‘What is the meaning of the decrees and the statutes and the ordinances which the Lord our God has commanded you?’, then you shall say to your son, ‘We were slaves... [think of the whole history of slavery! The portal Vatican News uses technical or similar cookies to make navigation easier and guarantee the use of the services. The Lord, offering himself to us in the simplicity of bread, also invites us not to waste our lives in chasing the myriad illusions that we think we cannot do without, yet that leave us empty within. Tags: LITURGICAL YEAR. “Choosing life,” Pope Francis said, “means resisting the ‘throwaway culture’ and the desire to have everything now, in order to direct our lives towards the goal of heaven, towards God’s dreams.”. This will do us much good, for it heals us within. Furthermore, technical and analysis cookies from third parties may be used. Receiving him we can say: “He is the Lord; he remembers me!” That is why Jesus told us: “Do this in remembrance of me” (1 Cor 11:24). Homily of Pope Francis at Mass for the handing over of the WYF cross. vatican city state. In his homily, the Holy Father invites young people we were created “to make God’s dreams come true in this world.”, Pope Francis preaches the homily at the Mass for the Solemnity of Christ the King  It is vital to remember the good we have received. Vatican City, Jun 14, 2020 / 08:00 am MT (, Full text: Pope Francis’ homily on Divine Mercy Sunday, Full text: Pope Francis’ homily on Pentecost Sunday, Full Text: Pope Francis' Holy Thursday Homily, The woman who lived for 60 years on the Eucharist alone, Pope Francis: Avoid the temptation of seeking ‘utopia’ in this world, Patriarch of Venice calls for prayers of reparation after Virgin Mary statue decapitated. God knows how difficult it is, he knows how weak our memory is, and he has done something remarkable: he left us a memorial. He did not just leave us the Scriptures, for it is easy to forget what we read. We can do this, the Pope said, “with great choices.” Returning to the Gospel, he said that Jesus will judge us based on our choices. We provide news about the Church and the world, as seen through the teachings of the Catholic Church. As one of the Psalms teaches: “I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old” (77:11). If we choose hatred and evil we can never be happy; but “if we choose God, we grow daily in His love, and if we choose to love others, we find true happiness,” said Pope Francis. The Holy Father used the day’s Gospel, with Jesus' discourse on the Last Judgement, as the starting point for his homily. But there is a problem: what if the chain of transmission of memories is interrupted? Vatican City, Jun 14, 2020 / 08:00 am MT (CNA).- Here is the full text of Pope Francis' Corpus Christi homily, delivered June 14 at the Basilica of St. Peter. But all those wonders too, that the Lord has worked in our own lives.

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