prime of miss jean brodie book summary and analysis

Kenneth Burke Terministic Screens Essay The terministic screen is the theoretical criticism of rhetoric, and usually entails the acknowledgment of a language system that can determine the perception and symbolic action of an individual in Read more…, Symphonie Fantastique Analysis Symphonie Fantastique is a symphony composed in 1830 by Hector Berlioz. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. One is left wondering if teachers take their role of curriculum implementation seriously. ‘And there was no pressing hurry in the matter, for Miss Brodie liked to take her leisure over the unfolding of her plans, most of her joy deriving from the preparation’(Spark, 1961). She exposes her unacceptable practice of sharing fascist ideas with her students. She is so sure of her tactics that she is never in a hurry to score her point. It may influence major aspects in their life such as career choice and moral or religious obligations. It is said that an entrusted dishonest person is likely to strike when the guard of the trustees is down. Probably the scoring point on her conniving nature is her ability to take things slowly. The mission they have accomplished is either molding clones of themselves through their students or using them to fulfill their fantasies. “That was the intention. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark. Emily also reveals her desire to join the war to Miss Brodie. Spark, M. (1961). “I admit, and sometimes I regretted urging young Joyce Emily to go to Spain to fight for Franco, she would have done admirably for him, a girl of instinct, a —-.” “Did she go to fight for Franco?”said Sandy. It is interesting to note she capitalizes on the girls’ strong points in order to achieve her objective. It is interesting to note that she recruits the girls to her set long before they reached teenage. She involves them in her personal love affairs by telling them her love stories. Miss Brodies’ cannot be trusted to carry her teaching and caring duties effectively. This novel portrays her as a woman hungry for power and controlling people. By the end of the novel, we see that Miss Brodie, on her death bed, thinks that she was betrayed by her most trusted student. Her love for Mussolini is proved by the triumphant march pictures that she is fond of admiring and analyzing. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. This would ensure that she is still in control. She does not tolerate divergent views and attitudes in the name of been assertive. Their mistress is not happy with this unfolding because she always imagined that Rose would have a sexual relationship with Mr. Lloyd. It starts when the Brodie set is been chosen. Her attitude and conduct raises the question on how teachers can possibly care for learners when they only think of themselves. It was to this end that Rose and Sandy had been chosen as the crème de la crème’ (Spark, 1961). This school teacher in her prime is involved in a love triangle with Mr. Gordon Lowther and Mr. Teddy Lloyd who are in charge of singing and art respectively (Spark, 1961). For example, she realizes that Miss Brodie is passionate with the idea of Rose and Lloyd becoming lovers. Dishonesty is a theme that is strongly manifested in the book. Emily manages to confide issues of her family to the set leader. Miss Brodie calculates her move while the girls are still under her care. However, this is not the case with Miss Brodie, by dominating the lives of her students she ensures that they only rely on her for guidance. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. A critical reflection on the character of the set mistress reveals a scheming and conniving woman. Furthermore, is the administration justified by entrusting teachers with the role of curriculum implementation? This book is a lesson to teachers who do not think that their role of curriculum implementation matters. The only regret that she has about Emily’s death is the fact that she did not manage to fight for her hero Franco in Spain. Read the Study Guide for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie…, How Bennett and Spark Present the Lasting Influence of Teachers and Their Ideals. For one to show care, he or she must think of the welfare of the person in stake and not his or her own (Carl, 2009).

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