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Small scale health policies affect clinics, providers, and individual hospitals. The environment is involved in all factors of health policy because it takes into account health hazards like consumption of coal and oil as well as the politics, culture, and economy of each area.There are two types of health policy are regulatory and allocative: Regulatory health policy: helps the government to standardize specific groups and their behaviors, such as banning smoking in public areas to improve health. Allocative health policy:  is driven by income, services, or goods that benefit one group or organization over another. Because the environments that public health policies seek to influence or manipulate are typically complex adaptive systems (e.g. The principal-agent models may be employed to elucidate central problems in interaction between principals and agents in both policy implementation and public policy-making concerning performance and remuneration, furthermore, Principal-agent theory can be used to better understand and resolve dilemmas associated with so called ‘information asymmetries’ between two sets of players – principals and agents – who frequently have divergent motivations, goals and attitudes to risk. Agenda setting: Problems and issues can rise to the attention of policy . Importance of Public health Care Policies, Also Read : Definition & Specializations in Public health, Permission is hereby granted for the use of whole or parts of this article provided appropriate credit is given to However, “health is largely constructed outside the health The news media may report on a new problem, or a constituent may raise a novel concern. Your email address will not be published. Uncertainty leads to volatility therefore the removal of as much uncertainty as possible will reduce the tendency to over speculate thereby minimizing cost of transaction improving and enhancing profitability across board which is the main reason why firms exist. Principal-agent theory:  under this theory an agency relationship is defined as a contract under which one or more individuals engage another Person  referred to as ” agent” under this context  to perform some form of duty or service on their behalf which will involve some form of transfer of some decision-making authority to the agent,”. tion health, public health interventions must take social determinants into consideration. In developing countries, the  culture over the years have tended towards the top bottom implementation process which researches have found to be encumbered with a lot of limitation. %%EOF There are several components that are useful in implementing health policy. Policy Agenda: refers to a set of issues and problems that gets the serious attention of people involved in policy making (e.g., government officials, government decision-makers) with a view of taking some sort of action. DISCLAIMER: The topics and articles published on this website including text, graphics, videos info graph and other material are for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for professional medical advice. Below we examine how this has transpired in the US. Public health policy can also be defined as is a goal-directed course of action, taken by government, or health institution charged with health issues to deal with a public health problem such as illicit drug, housing, teenage pregnancy, welfare for the elderly etc. policymakers and other health care stakeholders to maximize the return on public investment in research.2 Policy briefs can be an effective dissemination tool especially when targeting non-expert readers who rely on the

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