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Founder of Quest Nutrition Tom Bilyeu knows a lot about what it means to optimize your mind and body for maximum creativity. And, as these workout warriors started flexin’ their social muscles, the sales started rollin’ in. Apr 2009 – Mar 2011 2 years. Episode 231: Before co-founding Impact Theory, Lisa Bilyeu co-founded the billion-dollar brand, Quest Nutrition, 8 years ago with her husband Tom Bilyeu. And amongst the startup crowd, they’re famous for being one of the fastest growing food companies in the world with an unheard of growth rate of 57,000% in 3 years. To follow up our conversation with KNOW Foods co-CEO Yemeni Mesa, we’re replaying this classic culture-focused interview with Tom Bilyeu. Bilyeu: Food is so pleasurable it’s like a drug. After serving as their Chief Marketing Officer for 8 years, Tom was disenchanted with the work. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. The bars are hand-rolled and a hit among friends and family. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The former University of Southern California film major turned marketer started his career with Awareness Tech, a data loss company. Forbes: You manufacture in California please tell us about this? VP Business Development Awareness Technologies. I often felt like a victim of circumstance. Finally my partners and I admitted to ourselves that feeling connected to each other and building a mission-based business was more true to who we are than over-focusing on profits. Quest Nutrition’s early growth rate is almost incomprehensible. Bilyeu: Hell yes! After serving as their Chief Marketing Officer for 8 years, Tom was disenchanted with the work. And, after a few months of honing in on a repeatable recipe with no added sugar and dialing in the taste, they went looking for a manufacturer. At all. In less fancy words, we make a wide variety of stuff that’s actually good for you so that you can control your own diet. If you live under a rock and aren’t familiar with Quest, they sell protein bars, powder, pasta and more, but you probably know them by their protein bar, which you may have seen in a gas station or two. I lived in a world with horrible bosses and stupid rules. I know that people I love are going to die too soon if my partners and I can’t solve the problem of metabolic disease. During this process, he became passionate about fitness and diet. The world is hungry for people with the guts and vision to really shake things up and make a change. Quest Peanut Butter Cups satisfy your sweet tooth with less than 1g of sugar, 11g of protein and 1g of net carbs per serving. Can you believe it? With manufacturing solved, they just had to figure out how to sell the bars (minor detail). How she looks at resistance and roadblocks: there are 2 options — stop or figure it out. Forbes: You and your family have had some health challenges. So, they decided to go in together on their next venture: a nutrition company. Education. To gain more exposure, Quest used thousands of brand ambassadors to push the product. For us, it used to be profitability. Same way Tony Perkis did it in Heavyweights: send a bunch of tweens to summer camp. But when there’s a grocery store around every corner, pleasure eating too much of the wrong things can create major health problems. After losing 60 pounds, Tom wanted to help a few of his morbidly obese family members do the same. Bilyeu: The Matrix is the perfect allegory for how to free yourself from your own limited mindset. Pace University. So I took the red pill, woke up to the way the world really is, stopped being a victim, learned the business equivalent of kung fu, and went from broke to co-founding a billion dollar business. I am Vice-Chairman of Forbes Family Trust, I am co-founder of and I write about topics that create value for the Forbes reader. How she started Quest Nutrition from her living room floor and going from 2,000 bars to 1.5 million bars a day. We only make products that are metabolically advantageous. You may opt-out by. Hustle Con Speaker Mark Gainey’s Ride from Niche to Category Owner, Hustle Con Speaker Amy Errett Shares Her Founding Story, This Hustle Con speaker was rejected 27 times, his company now has more than $300 million in funding, Hustle Con Speaker and Founder of Ritual Vitamins, Kat Schneider Shares Her Growth Secrets, Serial Entrepreneur Gunnar Lovelace is Coming to Hustle Con to Share His Tactics. Bilyeu: We do not focus on trends. Forbes: Please tell us about the Quest Nutrition dramatic growth? Order Now. GNC and Vitamin Shop were the first retailers to sell Quest. In a world where you have to hunt and gather your food that’s not such a bad thing. As of 2016, they’re rumored to have sales well north of $400 million, making them the 2nd fastest growing bootstrapped company in the country in the last five years. Tom Bilyeu is an American entrepreneur, founder of ‘Quest Nutrition’ a brand selling healthy food and snack, best known for the protein bars, and the founder of ‘Impact Theory’. About. Bilyeu: Originally we wanted to contract manufacture everything. Bilyeu: Every business needs a filter - the thing by which you judge all of your choices. They are the 25 things you must do and believe in order to ready your mind to be successful. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Go for it with everything you’ve got! Ironically, that shift led to our most profitable business by far. No joke, Tom once received a complaint that a customer chipped a tooth on a Quest bar… so he covered their dental bill (PSA: Don’t try this at home). Tom is the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition, host and founder of Impact Theory (a for-profit media company), and a professional speaker on mindset. And wouldn’t ya know it, the modification worked…. Meet Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition The former University of Southern California film major turned marketer started his career with Awareness Tech, a data loss company. After overcoming obesity, he started his mission-based food company to help people be healthier, which grew by 57,000 percent in its three years, landing the … The major mindset shifts she had to make to become a confident career woman. It was a result of meeting a long pent up demand with a product totally unlike everything else available at the time, and doing it in a highly social way that allowed us to show customers through our actions that we are a different kind of company. Quest was started by Tom Bilyeu, Ron Penna, and Mike Osborn, all software industry veterans, in 2010. In its first three years, the low-carb specializing nutrition company grew at 57,000%. Tom Bilyeu is the founder of Quest Nutrition. Tom Bilyeu - Co-founder Credit: Quest Nutrition. Tom overcame morbid obesity and an existential crisis by building a mission based company with the goal of helping people become healthier rather than pure profit motivation.

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