recording mic stand

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern: Can collect sounds in all directions, Easy Recording. LyxPro comes up with an easy to set up professional microphone stand that can be elongated from 53 inches up to 90 inches with a telescoping boom arm extending from 46 inches to 87 inches. The 6 basic categories of microphone stands are as follows: Once you know which of these you want, the next step is…. It’s much higher and longer as compared to other models. The Gator Cases GFW-ID-MIC tripod mic stand is a very stylish and quality boom stand that made from durable materials. And if you don’t have a shockmount for the mic you’re using…you’re screwed. Portability is also one of the major factors you should be considering. Find the perfect microphone stand. Storage and Portability For convenience, consider getting something that is lightweight and foldable or collapsible so that it is easy to store, pack, and bring with you when you want to change the location for your recording. Having a heavy-duty clamp with high-quality screws will provide the necessary security when positioning the microphone on a certain angle. Thus, you compatible with the mic with the 3/8″ and 5/8″ screw mounts. Free shipping . The truth is…quality mic stands are one of the best investments you can make for any studio or live rig. And the tripod leg is also adjustable from 24″ to 29″ for greater stability to support heavier mic setups and longer boom arm extension. Some may think it’s frivolous, but the truth is…, You gotta put your water (or beer) somewhere…, So it can either be right in front of you, safe and secure in your K&M drink holder…. Thus, it is quite a professional, and solid tripod mic stand that you can consider adding it to your list. It’s quite heavy and inconvenient to carry around. It is one of the easiest boom mic stands to set up as it comes as a 2-in-1 Boom microphone stand without the hassle of screwing nuts and bolt in the poles. Its boom arm is detachable so that you can use it with or without the boom arm. And it utilizes a metal die-cast housing and a 5/8″ threading end. If there is no need to extend it that much, there is no danger of it toppling down. It has an easy setup design with a durable heavy cast base weighing at about 35lbs (15.88kg) and has a diameter of around 22.5 inches (572mm) with secure wheel locks. The problem with shockmounts is…they’re only designed to work with a single model of microphone. Good microphone stands don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve. Do not resort to taping it up just to hold a certain position. And that can be frustrating, especially after you’ve worked so hard to find the exact perfect mic position. And only in that time-frame, will you discover whether it’s your best friend, or worst nightmare. If you attached several heavier accessories such as pop-filter, windshield or shock-mount, then you will need to find a more durable and quality boom arm stand that has a stronger base and heavier holding capacity. Furthermore, its tripod legs can be easily adjustable and fit into any floor space without being so bulky. What would you recommend..? Its vertical shaft height is extendable from 51.2” to 78.75”. It’s compatible with the 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter. With these extendable features, you can easily position your mic up to 142″ in the air for the film shooting, choir and group singing purposes. I was recording the other day, and halfway through the third take, the vocalist looks at me in disappointment... accusing me of having an impotent mic stand. Its boom arm is extendable from 4″ to 27″ long from the vertical pole, and its height is adjustable from 40″ to 63″. While they might be the standard solution for excessive foot noise…. The Pyle PMKS56 mic stand is a heavy-duty type of tripod mic stand you should be considering if you are looking for the one that has a very stable tripod base and strong structural support. To save yourself some space, you could simply attach the On-Stage Posi-Lok Sidemount Boom to one stand, and use this configuration to record both. It’s because its center platform can’t support the weight of the mic setup that compounded at the end of the arm. One common problem with cheaper stands is that they gradually sag when positioned at extreme angles. Which stand you should buy to prevent your mic from dropping on the floor. USB Condenser Microphone Mic Kit Tripod Stand For Recording Studio PC Game Chat. One thing you’ve probably noticed about mic stands is…their cost can vary from $10 to $500 or more. So to spare you this pain, here’s a list of the best cheap mic stands that actually deliver on their promises: For bedroom studios, any of the previous stands we’ve covered should serve their purpose well…, But when you use those stands, day-in and day-out, sometimes holding multi-thousand dollar microphones….

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