samsung ice maker recall

SAMSUNG NEEDS TO acknowledge design flaws that allow the digital temp display to show normal safe temperatures yet in the refrigerator temperatures are 10-15 degrees F. higher. We know that a class action lawsuit against Samsung doesn't fall into the category of a recall but in our minds this is a recall pushed into being by the people who owned this product. Instead, consumers must conduct “hands-on maintenance and repair,” alleges the complaint. The company's official website also offers a … SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR RECALL U.S.A. NOW has 32,615 members. The ice maker in the affected refrigerators is the TSB 2015 model, alleges the class action lawsuit. Contact Samsung's customer support department at 800-726-7864 if basic troubleshooting doesn't address your ice maker's issues. The lawsuit is currently in mediation. My question is would mine have these new parts and ice maker in it. The Samsung ice maker class action lawsuit contends that the appliance maker refuses to fix the problem or replace the defective units. My ice maker had three of the four problems listed on the bulletin. There are many consumers who have been ripped off and played Russian roulette with food health and safety because the refrigerator coil freezes, the … The water fill tube was pushed in too far and I needed to cut the ribs from the air duct cover. My Ice maker stopped working today. My label shows revision 4 with a manufactured date of Nov 2017 and is model RF263BEAESG/AA. A class-action lawsuit was filed in 2017 involving a specific ice maker issue for a Samsung French-door refrigerator model. Had unit for a year and 2 months now. The lawsuit covers Samsung models from their side by side, French door and bottom freezer lines that have problems with the coils freezing over causing the refrigerator to stop working . After many threads on this ossie I see there was a new ice maker issued with new parts. I've defrosted my ice maker numerous times and replaced the auger and main ice maker assembly on my Samsung in an attempt to fix this problem - all to no avail. Then I found this posting.

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