song that goes yeah yeah yeah yeah

Please help! 10 points pleeeeease help :) What song goes and you said hey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah? Asked by Wiki User. it's pretty fast paced.. i hope someone knows what i'm talking about. 0. What song goes whoa oh oh ohhh yeah eh eh eh ehhh oh yeah It was playing in a club and can not think of any of the words its sung by a man and has a kind of Caribbean dance style to it? thank you if you do. I believe its rap or I don't even remember the genre .. LOL. The theme of the lyrics is more political than their earlier material, as it asks listeners what they would do if they had all the power in the world. A popular song; one can say it goes slowly, a man sings and in the backgraund it is only "yeah yeah" all the time. [TOMT][SONG] Hip hop/rap song where the singer goes "Yeah Yeah....Yeah YEAH" throughout. Archived [TOMT] Song that goes "yeah yeah yeah yeeeheaahhh, ah ah ahaahha oh" Or something along those lines, I know it's very vague, but google hasn't been of any help (lots of songs have yeah, ahs, and ohs apparently in them) 18 comments . save hide report. yeah, yeah, yeah." i wish i knew more of the lyrics but i forgot. What personally I hear is "(yeah, yeah) I'll show you with me (yeah yeah)..." I mean I know it doesn't make any sense and most probably these are not the lyrics of the song, but that's just what I hear. I really want to remember who it's buy and what the song is called. it's really important that i find this out. Posted by 6 years ago. [TOMT] Song that goes "yeah yeah yeah yeeeheaahhh, ah ah ahaahha oh" Close. 40% Upvoted. it's an oldies song, and in the chorus, the guy says yeah a lot. I know that is a vague/bad title, but I swear I remember hearing a hip hop/rap song from probably the late 90's or early 2000's, but it might have been earlier. "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)" is a song by The Flaming Lips, released as the second single from their 2006 album At War with the Mystics. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . and than it does that for awhile and than this other guy starts singing or rapping. Solved! About the song. It is their highest-charting single so far in the UK, peaking at #16. and in the background, it sounds like a woman is saying it. I heard this song that the chorus goes yeah yeah yeah yeah a guy sings the song except the chorus the chorus is like a bunch of girls saying yeah yeah yeah yeah, it has like a … 1 2 3. Answer. It's a guy in a kind of deep voice and he says "yeah. share.

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