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Sonic Team (November 16, 2010). Sonic Colors is an arcade platform game released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. [51] The Sonic the Hedgehog comic series had a one-off Colors adaptation, in which the Wisps were featured. [37] Gies and Turi also praised the ability to revisit old levels with Wisps unlocked afterwards. Along the way, he and Tails also put a stop to Eggman's Nega-Wisp factory. VGFacts ... Wisps/chr_Yacker_SD.obj; Previous Model | Next Model . [10], The Wisps live on a lush planet known as Planet Wisp,[6][11] which was created by the progenitor of all Wisps: Mother Wisp. They are the friendliest, and enjoy talking and playing. Aug 18, 2017, 11:34 PM @DigitalDiamal I believe they are that way due to the way the shaders work. Unlike other White Wisps, he has a blue curl on his head between his antennae. Follow/Fav Return to Planet Wisp -a Sonic Colors story-By: CVGWJames. Takashi Iizuka stated in an interview that the Wisps were added to Sonic Colors to "expand and strengthen the platform action gameplay" without forcing the player to switch to other playable characters. Suspicious, Sonic and Tails investigate,[36] and they rescue two Wisps from Eggman's henchmen Orbot and Cubot. Also, when Sonic and the Avatar teamed up on missions, the duo would encounter Wisps they both could use. Area/Level: Planet Wisp. The Red and the Violet Wisps are not shown in. On the bottom of the sheet written "Sonic Colors Wisps sprites created by Sonic Team and ripped by Trish Rowdy." The Wispons are different weapons that can harness the Wisps' Color Powers in new ways by enabling their abilities without triggering a transformation, and were used by the Resistance's soldiers. Sonic Colors. He also encountered new breeds of Wisps, such as the Indigo Wisps, Crimson Wisps, Magenta Wisps, Ivory Wisps, Black Wisps, and Gray Wisps. They grant Sonic the Cyan Laser Color Power. At the beginning of the event, Yacker appears and asks the four participating characters to free his friends and defeat Rotatatron. The Wisps are composed entirely of Hyper-go-on. Sonic will also grow bigger with each enemy. He can also do a mid-air dash attack. [2] Another goal was to encourage players to revisit already-played levels; Sonic Team accomplished this by adding segments requiring certain types of Wisps to levels preceding their first appearances.[3]. This is most likely due to the fact that those two Wisps are only exclusive to the Nintendo DS version. Sonic Colors is an arcade platform game released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. 1. [8][9], Wisps are composed of an energy force called "Hyper-go-ons",[10] which they can use to give playable protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog elemental powers temporarily,[1] by phasing into his body. In Sonic Forces, the Violet Wisps returned as Wisp Capsule power-ups for the Avatar's Void Wispon, which is the only Wispon that will accept them. First appearance Mother Wisp closely resembles a jellyfish in overall appearance. Each breed of Wisps possesses a distinct power known collectively as Color Powers. Biographical overview Sega. They possess three tentacles stemming from the head, one of which is shaped like a lightning bolt. When the War to Take Back the Planet broke out, the Wisp Capsule-encased Wisps were used by the Resistance and their allies to combat the Eggman Army. ",,,, "『ソニック ロストワールド』プロデューサーの飯塚隆氏インタビュー完全版&最新画像を公開!",, "Iizuka: Color Powers will be standard in future Sonic games",,,,, "Sonic Colors: Dimps Crafts Another Amazing 2D Sonic Game",, "Sonic: Lost World: Why Slowing Down is a Good Thing",, "Sonic: Lost World review: Spin cycle (Wii U)",,, "Sonic Generations Review: The game that teaches a new hog old tricks",,,,,, "Sonic Colors: Sonic Drops The Ball Juggling The Second And Third Dimensions",,,

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