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If machines are down or they have too much Styrofoam new material will not be taken. Yet, such items “have no local recycling option and should be placed in your trash,” says Monroe County's recycling website. And it is unknown how long all this material will take to biodegrade. For the purposes of this story, we’ll refer to all styrofoam products as EPS. While the material is less commonly accepted at recycling facilities than paper or plastic due to the high costs and energy use required to recycle it, with a little extra effort, it’s still possible to recycle styrofoam if you find yourself with stray cups or takeout containers. Most packing peanuts are made of EPS, but some companies have adopted cornstarch to create a biodegradable alternative, which is virtually identical to the EPS version. Thank you for your support! So when you’re done recycling your own styrofoam, consider lobbying your local elected officials for a ban, as well, if your hometown doesn’t have one in place already. Meet at the end of Island Cottage Park Road (turn off Island Cottage Road at the “Lake Plains Waterfowl Association” sign) near the trail entrance. New York Bans Styrofoam Take Out Containers, Effective This Summer Maybe this headline should read “New York Bans Styrofoam, Chemical Companies Freak Out.” If you’re a regular reader here, you know that we consider food packaging waste an important part of the food waste picture. Using Earth911’s website, you can locate the closest facility to you that accepts styrofoam and other recyclable material. “In a perfect world, people would bring their mugs to the store,” said Matthew Brennan, a member of the local Sierra Club. At least not at a price that makes financial sense for recycling companies. They’ve also recently started requiring toilet paper and paper towel tubes to GO IN THE TRASH. If you want to recycle some EPS products, the natural first step is to do a quick online search for the recycling program operates in your town, and/or contacting them to find out whether they accept this type of waste. ABC7. Erica Bryant is the Pay It Forward Columnist. First things first, it’s a common misconception that all those packaging materials, disposable cups, and plates are made of styrofoam. If your local recycling facility doesn’t take peanuts, you can contact your local UPS store to find out whether they accept them for reuse. My refuse pickup requires that we put styrofoam in the trash not recycling and the drop off location that accepts it is open for 1 hour on alternate Tuesdays. WTAF! Basically, it’s because nobody wants to buy recycled foam food containers. Most EPS products are identifiable by the number “6” emblazoned on them (hence that they’re otherwise referred to as No. They may require that they be separated from other recyclable materials. So we were pretty excited to hear that New York had issued a ban on Styrofoam take out containers. I’m being hyperbolic to make my point but needless to say, it’s wildly inconvenient. It’s likely best to quickly rinse any food containers with water. “A compromise is paper cups.”. It is not wanted. They pollute waterways and cause trouble for wildlife that consume them. How to dispose of or recycle Styrofoam food trays, take out containers, egg cartons, large packing materials. Accordingly, some facilities may refuse to recycle peanuts, simply out of fear of contaminating their other EPS recyclables. If you’re unsure whether your curbside recycling program accepts EPS—or you find out that it doesn’t—do the next best thing and drop your EPS products off at a nearby recycling site that does accept the problematic material. Colored foam, packing peanuts, food trays/containers and cups would not be accepted for recycling. Some facilities may reject them or require that they are separated based on color. North Vancouver Bottle & Return-It Depot. More: Plastic bags wreak havoc at recycling plant. A lack of recycling options means that billions of single use foam food items end up in landfills or as litter each year. The environmental group has been lobbying Rochester City Council and the Monroe County Legislature to follow in the footsteps of more than 100 municipalities in the United States that have enacted some sort of foam ban. Different colors of styrofoam sometimes matter. consider lobbying your local elected officials for a ban, as well. Drop-off - Containers Residents can drop off acceptable containers and packaging at one of these Recycle BC locations. Because Styrofoam needs to be recycled at specialized facilities, you need to find a drop-off location rather than setting it out with your regular recyclables. We reserve the right to refuse any foam that does not meet the above criteria. You will learn about native birds and plants and the efforts to mitigate the impacts of emerald ash borers on the woods. Your cooperation with these specifications helps boost recycling rates and reduces the costs of recycling. Recyclers condense recyclable materials into bales that are then sold by weight. Some scientists say hundreds of years and others estimate much longer. What Can’t Be Recycled. Styrofoam poses serious health concerns for aquatic life and the general health of the planet, which is no surprise, given that it’s made of thousands of pieces of non-biodegradable plastic. “Part of the solution lies with consumers and choosing to buy products in packaging that can be recycled,” said Fornof. I mentioned this in a column a couple weeks ago, and many readers asked why. “It is time to eliminate expanded polystyrene foam (commonly known as Styrofoam) from Monroe County,” reads the local Sierra Club's online petition, which can be found at Contaminated or dirty EPS products (like those that have come in contact with food) may be more difficult to recycle. Styrofoam waste often includes take away coffee cups, take away food containers, meat trays and packaging on some home appliance items. The little recycle symbol on those items —which you probably think of as Styrofoam ... it’s because nobody wants to buy recycled foam food containers. Why can’t you recycle polystyrene foam coffee cups, egg cartons and takeout containers? Long pants and boots are recommended, as it will probably be wet. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Many restaurants use polystyrene foam — Styrofoam — for takeout orders, but it can’t be recycled. Styrofoam has become an umbrella term used to describe all expanded polystyrene products, accurately or not. Contact her at Join me at 3 p.m. Sunday for a guided walk in the Island Cottage Woods Preserve in Greece, led by the Genesee Land Trust and Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.

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