taleggio vs brie

What is Stracchino? Stracchino cheese ia s soft and creamy cheese hailing from Lombardy, but it is also typical of Tuscany dairy production. If taleggio cannot be found, we'd advise just sauteeing a few leaves of fresh sage in olive oil and dressing the gnocchi this way. The name Stracchino derives from the dialectical word "stracco", that means tired.It seems that anciently this cheese was produced with the little quantity of milk produced by the tired cows returning from the summer pasture. Then a brie will work just fine. We recently posted a gnocchi recipe that calls for a taleggio sauce. Boursault Pronunciation: boor-SOH Notes: This is a soft-ripened, triple crème French cheese that very rich and mild.For best flavor, serve at room temperature. Substitutes: Brillat-Savarin OR Caprice des Dieux OR St. Andre OR Excelsior OR Brie OR Camembert Brie Pronunciation: BREE Notes: This French cheese is rich, mild, and creamy, and it's soft enough to spread easily on crackers or bread. If you need the taleggio flavor, then I'd look for stracchino or a washed rind cheese. Good luck! While both brie and camembert are cow's milk cheeses, are soft-ripening, and have a white, flowery rind, the two aren't interchangeable. 

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