the great plague of london 1665 timeline

As soon as the Plague appeared in London, so did quack doctors selling fake remedies. Other cities were hit too, such as Salisbury, Cambridge and York. A graph showing the huge increase in deaths during the Great Plague of London in 1665 and 1666. Those who could, fled to the countryside. London lost roughly 15% of its population. While kept diaries have provided terrifying testaments to the horrors of that summer, other stories have been hidden in the archives of London churches for centuries. This is 1665 as attempts were made to halt the great plague. London lost 15% of its population.
Last accessed September 18th, 2020John Graunt, a Fellow of the Royal Society, estimated the population of London to be around 460,000.King Harald Hardrada of Norway 1016 – 1066It was ordered that people travelling from one town to another had to have a certificate of health in order to do so. The Great Plague, lasting from 1665 to 1666, was the last major epidemic of the bubonic plague to occur in England. one in three of the people living in the city. The Plague devastated London in summer 1665, virtually shutting down all trade and social life. 1665–1666. Elle constitue une étape marquante dans l'avènement d'une pensée épidémiologique moderne. Great Plague of London. (2018 – 2020). The Great Plague of 1665 killed 100,000 Londoners ? In the spring and summer of 1665 an outbreak of Bubonic Plague spread from parish to parish until thousands had died and the huge pits dug to receive the bodies were full. Officially the capital’s death toll was 68,596 but it was probably nearer to 100,000. 1665: The Great Plague of London. La grande peste de Londres de 1665 (en anglais : the Great Plague) est une épidémie de peste bubonique qui frappa la ville de Londres en Angleterre et fit environ 75 000 morts (peut-être même 100 000), soit environ 20 % de sa population.. C'est la dernière grande épidémie de peste du Royaume-Uni. EPIDEMIC Disease: Plague Estimated Death Toll: 100,000 Location: England. In 1666 the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the centre of London, but also helped to kill off some of the black rats and fleas that carried the plague bacillus.

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