treehouse mounting brackets

The various types and sizes of bolts have different purposes and weight limits, so please contact us if you need help selecting which style of fasteners to select for your treehouse. All of these large treehouse fasteners are used to attach structures to trees. Proper materials attaching tree houses: Treehouse fasteners need to maximize strength and minimize tree growth interference. These brackets would be suited for smaller treehouses using 2x6 or 2x8 for the beam and knee brace. It is a simple laser cut bracket of 3/8" mild steel with a bit of a kink in it half way through. This item Treehouse Brackets & Hardware (1"x12" Lag Bolt) Simpson Strong Tie KBS1Z Knee-Brace Stabilizer OZCO 56639 Laredo Sunset Joist Hanger Flush 6 to 8-inch, (6 per Pack) Also pictured is a bracket that slips over the protruding end of the TAB. The protruding part of the bracket is bolted to the beam or brace using 1/2" bolts. I call this a Bolt Hook. These tree house fasteners vary slightly in size of stock, overall length, length of the collars, threading, heat treating, and powder coating. The brackets are welded together from 3/8" steel plate, which should be treated to prevent rust. Example brackets.

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