ultra limited seat

If you’re looking for a big increase in seat height you might be interested in the La Pera Daddy Long Legs. We’ve gone in depth on this topic on our best motorcycle seat pad article. The Mustang Super Touring seat is the perfect seat for those extra long rides as well as providing extra room for taller riders. As for my choice, if I had the money I’d definitely go with the Mustang Super Touring Vintage but for personal taste and style I might keep it simple with the Saddlemen Step Up seat. ... Seat height: 699 mm (27.5 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. The Saddlemen Step Up seat has become one of the more popular options, thanks to the tricksters over at Unknown Industries. Now I’m not talking strain on your fitness or body fatigue or mental focus. This consideration is purely up to you. In order for the manufacturer to sell this seat at the low price point, it’s constructed with a synthetic leather. If you enjoy touring with a significant other you would have most likely heard the complaint of how uncomfortable and narrow the passenger seat is. If you’re looking for a step-up style seat that is ultra comfortable then this may be a good option. Buying a seat that offers to little extended reach is simply a waste of money as it doesn’t fix the problem. This seat is ideal for anyone who is looking to get that bit of added lower back support that helps you lock into the bike a more of a fixed riding position. A quick note, this seat is not compatible with Mustang or H-Dr frame-mounted backrest kits. You will also notice that the front of the seat is narrower than the standard factory seat and offers more room for your legs which seems to help with pinching the at your thighs and keeps the blood flowing. The Gel Core cushioning is what sets this seat apart from the others. Something went wrong. This is largely due to the lack of rider support in the means of foam or gel padding of the seat – and let’s not even start on the ergonomic design of the seat, or rather, the lack thereof. Typical Harley seats are designed to have a longer break in period as you don’t want the seat to be too soft in the beginning. This coupled with the built in SaddleGel relieves the majority of tailbone pressure by providing a firm yet comfortable seating platform. What you’ll find with the La Pera Daddy Long Legs Seat is that it fits perfectly, looks amazing, and most importantly it feels terrific. The seats are also wider than the stock seat with additional padding which offer superior comfort for both the rider and passenger. Many companies will not allow you to return the seat after you’ve installed it and taken it for a test ride. You want to make sure that you’re not leaning to far forward over your bars. Touring Ultra Limited CVO Anniversary FLHTKSE: 2018. Read More Here, © All rights reserved• 2020 •First Checkpoint, Comfortable seat that retains a custom look. First and foremost, you obviously want to consider the seat height. The rider backrest can be purchased separately here. Saddlemen have basically adapted their sportbike technology and applied their neat tricks to a seat suited for Harley riders. While one of the seat heights should be correct for you, the chances are that the corresponding make and model simply does not tickle your fancy. This seat is extremely easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes. If you’re serious about touring and doing long trips away. Touring Ultra Limited FLHTK : 2010–2019. This one is for those of you who are looking to avoid spending 100’s of dollars on a premium seat. You might feel like you’re closer to the bars due to the contours of the cushions, although this ensures your spine is in the right position. I’m talking about strain in riding position and comfort. This can be quite tricky to do, especially as we all know the code of not sitting on another person’s baby without their permission. Firstly, as we as Harley riders know, the stock seat is simply extremely uncomfortable. By slightly I mean only 1 or 2 Inches. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave ‘em below in the comments. As mentioned above seats that are too high up can lead you to the feeling as though you’re sitting on top of the tank. Tall Riders often find themselves feeling hunched over the bars. The front seat sets the rider back 1.75″ compared to the stock seat plus it angles the body for long-distance comfort. Many of the Harley Davidson touring fans will appreciate this seat. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Generally I find the Mustang and Saddlemen seats come with better padding and foam technologies with comfort as a focus.

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