usc tuition per unit

Financial Aid Master’s degree programs are eligible for federal and private student loans. USC does not mail monthly billing statements to current students. Tuition and fees are due upon registration regardless of the date on which your classes begin. Amount awarded from all sources in 2017-2018. Students may expect an educational allowance based only on courses that are a legitimate part of the degree program approved for veterans. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Please see below for the number of units required for each master’s degree program. Fall 2020 - Summer 2021: $2,148. Students may pay their tuition by logging into An example of the estimated tuition and fees for each plan of study is listed below: A paper copy of the ASR is available on request made to Department of Public Safety Records by calling (213) 740-6000, by email to or in person at DPS at 3667 South McClintock Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90089. Additional expenses include living and travel expenses, books, and supplies. You will receive email notification (addressed to your official USC email address) when your monthly billing statement is available on In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, we will not disclose any specific information about your student account to a third party (including family members) without your permission. If your account is not paid when due, it will be subject to additional finance charges. $6,225. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. With Parents or Relatives. If students are full-time permanent employees of the university, they may use salary deduction as a means of paying for their charges. The current tuition rate is $1,995 per unit. ***The tuition amount is based on 4 units of tuition. Special Subject and Unit Credit by Examination. Financial aid recipients who withdraw from all classes should refer to the USC Catalogue. Declined authorizations are your responsibility. By enrolling at USC, you agree to accept monthly billing statements via email. Percentage of students of the fall 2018 first-year class who received merit scholarships. To learn more about Financial Aid at USC please visit the USC Financial Aid website. Here’s an interactive graph showcasing USC’s tuition since 1954. 2020-2021 Cost of Attendance. Estimated 2020-2021 tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students in occupational science and occupational therapy are presented below. This tuition rate is subject to change. Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve you of this obligation. If you do not pay for the deferment by the due date, collection efforts will proceed against you, not your employer. Tuition Information; Sample Course Plans; Additional Fees; Payment; View this information at our Prospective Student Tuition and Fees page For detailed information about the implications of withdrawal for financial aid applicants, refer to the USC Catalogue. We will resume work (from home) on Monday, November 30. Finance charges are assessed on all past due balances. Financial Aid Master’s degree programs are eligible for federal and private student loans. Fall 2019 - Summer 2020: $2,075. Cost Tuition is $1,995 per unit plus fees for all students, regardless of location. Students with pre-authorization for third-party billings from entities recognized by the university will have their agency credits posted on their student accounts. In order to participate in the program you must have your supervisor or personnel officer write a memo on company stationery stating that you are employed by that company and will be reimbursed for tuition at the end of the term. 3-unit Course. More detailed information about student accounts, settlement options and procedures is available at If you need a statement showing your tuition and fees, you may request a Registration Confirmation. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report includes Clery Act crime and fire statistics for the preceding three years for locations owned and or controlled by USC, the required policy disclosure statements and other important safety related information. The office is located in Tutor Campus Center, Room 330C, (213) 740-4619, $6,444. $8,592. © 2020 University of Southern California, The University of Southern California admits students of any race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or mental disability. You can also print e-receipts and view your billing statements or current account information.

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