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We use scotch bonnet peppers with all the seeds blended in. You can add this sauce to your pot while cooking or use as a regular condiment. Click HERE to buy Aunt May’s Hot Bajan Pepper Sauce. 6 Scotch bonnet peppers (any color) 1 small or 1/2 large pawpaw (papaya), peeled and seeded 2 teaspoons salt Each spice was carefully selected to give this sauce a distinct flavor that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. Fantastic on fish, wings or anything else Caribbean. Local cooks then customize their own versions using spices, onions, local fruits/vegetables and even sea water or alcohol! The Best Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Style Hot Sauces, The Best Cajun Hot Sauces for Mardi Gras! Also highly recommended is their hotter than hot  Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce. Often referred to as “Pepper Sauces” locally , they traditionally showcase the fruity heat of Scotch Bonnet Peppers . How I love thee ( and your amazing collection of pepper sauces!). KaniSpice all-purpose sauce is a blend of green papaya and scotch bonnet peppers. Great stuff. What makes this pepper sauce so hot? This is Calypso Sauce on steroids. Alvin was born in Trinidad but grew up in the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. Have we mentioned we love Matouk’s?? Their Scotch Bonnet sauce is fantastic for those who want that pepper flavor but arent fans of mustard flavor. Melinda’s Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce. This sauce blends the scorpion with Scotch Bonnets to create a sauce that’s the equivalent of a Trinidadian firestorm! This multiple award winning sauce is made with a blend of fresh yellow scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, herbs and spices. To buy Carib Scotch Bonnet Peppers click HERE. Hot but not too hot, Aunt May’s goes great with any Caribbean fare. Each spice was carefully selected to give this sauce a distinct flavor that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. Thanks to Amazon and other online suppliers, these can be in your kitchen FAST MON!!!!!! Great on hamburgers and sandwiches in addition to the usual West Indian fare. There are hot sauce communities on Reddit, and there are fermentation communities. It will come out extremely tasty and it’s always a party favorite. Each spice was carefully selected to give this sauce a distinct flavor that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. Hot, hot , hot mon!!!! Also highly recommended is Matouk’s Flambee sauce made with Congo peppers. Alvin works with local island farmers and growers and personally selects the freshest ingredients for each batch. (Part 1). Inner Beauty is the perfect blend of Scotch Bonnet Heat, mustard tang and tropical spice. They are often blended with Tumeric and/or mustard and often feature local fruits such as mango and papaya. Made with Water, Onions, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Mustard, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Corn Starch, Tumeric, and Capsicum this is a fantastic taste of Barbados. Now Melinda’ sis definitely a taste of the Caribbean. Pick some up today! Walkerswood now produces dozens of delicious products including a great Jerk marinade. No code Needed! It’s chock full of tropical fruit flavors – passion fruit and papaya are layered in with the scotch bonnet sweetness. Mango Papaya Scotch Bonnet. Jalapeno's heat is a baby compared to a scotch bonnet. Another solid offering direct from Jamaica featuring crushed Scotch Bonnets. Game Changer!!! Not super spicy so good for those with a not so adventurous heat tolerance. Marinade for 15 minutes then pan grill. Show us your amazing creations and failures, ask questions about fermenting and saucemaking, learn, share, & contribute to our community knowledge base and overall fun level. Tabasco versus Cayenne. Click HERE to buy Matouk’s Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce. INGREDIENTS: White Wine Vinegar (Sulphites), Water, Glucose-Fructose Syrup (Sulphites), Yellow Scotch Bonnet Mash (13%), Sugar (Sulphites), Rapeseed Oil, Papaya Concentrate (4.5%), Mustard Flour, Dried Onion, Turmeric, Salt, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Garlic Powder, Cracked Black Pepper. This gives them a decent amount of firepower, usually in the range of 5000 – 20000 Scoville Heat units. Green papaya has a somewhat neutral taste; therefore, it requires bold flavors such as scotch bonnet peppers and spices to complement it. Click HERE to buy Spur Tree Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce, Oh Aunt May! We though it was due time to highlight our Best Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Style Hot Sauces. sauce is a blend of green papaya and scotch bonnet peppers. You can order direct from Alvin or find hs sauces on Amazon. This here sauce is the pride of St. Lucia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It uses pickled scotch bonnets in place of vinegar to give a nice tang without being overpowering. Click HERE to buy Baron West Indian Hot Sauce. Great on wings, potatoes and stir frys. This sauce was the sauce that started hot sauce love for me. It’s the sauce that does it all, and one of my favorite ways of using KaniSpice all-purpose sauce is marinating shrimps with it. Walkerswood is the name of a village in rural Jamaica hidden in the lush hills of St. Ann. Hot Pepper Extract and the Hottest Hot Sauces in the World! KaniSpice is a kicthen essential. ( and all year long…), The Top 10 Mexican Hot Sauces For Cinco De Mayo (Or Everyday! Fantastic on fish, wings or anything else Caribbean. This multiple award winning sauce is made with a blend of fresh yellow scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, herbs and spices. If you have never had scotch bonnet before, please know it is no comparison to a jalapeno pepper. Great with Jerk dishes, Salt Cod and Rice N Peas. While there are hundreds out there, these are  our favorite Caribbean / Scotch Bonnet pepper sauces out there. Simply great stuff if you like the heat. All  Walkerswood’s ingredients are purchased fresh from local farmers across the region. Like Marie Sharp’s, El Yucateco and Original Juans, there’s some brands where you just know the stuff in the bottle is gonna be good. The  traditional ingredients of Bajan pepper sauce are Scotch Bonnets, Tumeric/Mustard and vinegar.

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