was the new testament written in hebrew

Scholars have long understood that the grammar of the New Testament is not good Greek, but is excellent Hebrew grammar. This article answers the question, "Did Jesus speak Hebrew?" 151-156. )The same Rabbi Gamaliel who was spoken of in Maasim ha Shlichim/Acts of the Sent ones/”Acts” 5:34-40, is quoted in the Talmud. *The name of the Rab Yahushua's half-brother was Jacob--apparently too Jewish for them--although there is a Jacob in every known language--so the anti-semites gentilized it to "James", as in the book of "James" [Where in Greek it says quite clearly EPISTOLE IAKOBUS. one might hear the idiom, "here comes this Ben Adam", meaning "here comes this man." "Matthew, indeed, produced his Gospel written among the Hebrews in their own dialect." others have proffered mixed with some of my own observations and perhaps more concise and less fragmented. The Jewish sages' wisdom in the many-volumed Talmud, from where the Rab Yahushua drew countless parables and examples was condemned by all within the Church, including Luther, as we just quoted; not merely condemned but burned and their owners with it. “the issue of the New Testament being written in Greek or Aramaic was non-existent prior to the Fourth or Fifth Century A.D. The Greek translators clearly admit/confirm that Christos is a Greek translation and NOT the original Hebrew word that was used; this is included within the scriptural text itself.Secondly, the above two scriptures provide an inextricable link to Daniel 9:25 and Daniel 9:26 where the term HaMashiyach first appears in Old Testament (Hebrew) scripture. However, what is known is that one of the last Hebrew originals (of Matthew) was burned publicly in. The King James Bible says “unlearned and ignorant men.”So why would YHWH inspire them to write Yahushua's biography and teachings of the greatest life that ever lived, and the greatest event since Creation, in a language that the Jews hated, and that the apostles could not have known? Even today the Church celebrates "Easter," not Passover. Not to do so, would be “as if he had buried him.” (ibid. Other Scholars that Support a Hebrew Written Original NT - Not Greek: Understanding the difficult words of Jesus, Jesus spoke Hebrew: busting the Aramaic myth, This article answers the question, "Did Jesus speak Hebrew?" “Matthew had first preached to the Hebrews, and when he was about to go to others also, he transmitted his Gospel in writing in his native language”  – (Ecclesiastical History III 24, 6) ……. That seems to be a dead give away all by itself. “Hebrew continued to be used as a spoken and written language even after the fourth century, including the New Testament period.”-The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church third edition, in 1997 ……. Briggs' Political& Prophetic orientedNews articles.Click here. And he answered and said unto them, "I will also ask you one thing and answer me..."  What is important to stress here is that these two characteristics, especially the former, comes with the Hebrew, not something commonly found with other languages. Their religious writings [the Old Testament and the Talmud] should be taken away from them. The above shows us the "Aramaic" and "Greek" theories were not isolated mistakes or misconceptions, but very definitely, part of a worldwide, centuries-old dejudaization campaign by the anti-semites within the Church to make it judenrein, despite the fact that Jews adore a Jewish Elohim of Israel and the promised Mashiyach of Israel. (obviously hisaudience spoke Hebrew).”-Hebrew New Testamentby, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University ……. The “Trinity” of ‘Esus”. When a Roman coin (denarius/dinar) was brought to him, he asked about the inscription and from that he differentiated between what belonged to Rome (Roman coins/currency) as compared to what belonged to Israel, to YHWH (Jewish coins/currency.It is also interesting to note that there are over 5366 manuscripts of the New Testament in Greek, each differing from the other and containing several hundred variants. This added proof that Hebrew was very active in Israel during the times of YahushuaChrist and beyond.”-Hebrew New Testamentby, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University …….

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