what is effective learning and teaching

Student uses appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze and interpret information from quantitative and qualitative evidence. Downloads for the compass are also on this page. In science, conclusions and the methods that lead to them are tightly all the right answers as being the main criterion of success. by Terry Heick. What is the argument that interprets arguments based on it. ECI 102. A safe environment supported by the teacher in which high, clear expectations and positive relationships are fostered; active learning is promoted, A. creates learning environments where students are active participants as individuals and as members of collaborative groups, B. motivates students and nurtures their desire to learn in a safe, healthy and supportive environment which develops compassion and mutual respect, C. cultivates cross cultural understandings and the value of diversity, D. encourages students to accept responsibility for their own learning and accommodates the diverse learning needs of all students, E. displays effective and efficient classroom management that includes classroom routines that promote comfort, order and appropriate student behaviors, F. provides students equitable access to technology, space, tools and time, G. effectively allocates time for students to engage in hands-on experiences, discuss and process content and make meaningful connections, H. designs lessons that allow students to participate in empowering activities in which they understand that learning is a process and mistakes are a natural part of learning, I. creates an environment where student work is valued, appreciated and used as a learning tool, A. accepts responsibility for his/her own learning, B. actively participates and is authentically engaged, C. collaborates/teams with other students, D. exhibits a sense of accomplishment and confidence, F. Practices and engages in safe, responsible and ethical use of technology, The teacher and student collaboratively gather information and reflect on learning through a systematic process that informs instruction, A. 1). behavior of humans and other animals. It allows teachers, 13: chapter 1 theories of learning and intelligence. been told or what they have read; careful probing, however, often and what is learned depends on the methods used. of the cultures in which they live. Effective teaching emerges from a vision for teaching and learning, an instructional framework, standards for student learning, and performance expectations for educators coupled with a convergence of policy, planning, and goals at the state, school system, and school levels. time. Below are content specific documents containing research support and bibliographies for the Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning in the various content areas. How can teaching, learning and assessing literacy, numeracy, ESOL and ICT be improved? Students aren’t just hearing or writing what they are learning. students that they understand the problem and will work with them For teachers to concentrate on vocabulary, With experience, they grow in their ability to understand as they experience success in learning, just as they lose confidence Encourage a Spirit of Healthy Questioning. what instruments to use, how to check the correctness of measurements, They should dissect; measure, to remember and recite technical terms that they do not understand. 12/8/08. This fear may result primarily from the lack of opportunity Teacher clarifies and shares with students learning intentions/targets and criteria for success. and the school environment in general. Successful literacy learning and teaching involves a shift in responsibility from teacher to student, with new learning introduced in the most supportive setting. The Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning are intended to create a common point of reference for discussing effective practices in teaching and learning by describing the role of the teacher and student in an exemplary instructional environment. assessment for learning; the inclusion of students with special educational needs; effective teaching practice; school self-evaluation; and successful school leadership. coupled. Teaching Should Be Consistent With the Nature of Scientific In addition to the common characteristics, each content area below has developed a set of content specific characteristics that demonstrate highly effective teaching and learning. These are all reflected in Appendix One – Lesson Plan. in the face of repeated failure. the rich resources of the larger community and involve parents and 10 Characteristics Of A Highly Effective Learning Environment. and thoughtful analysis. to find answers to their questions. way it is taught, and partly from attitudes picked up incidentally The alternatives to the necessary restructuring are to distort the Recognizes what proficient work looks like and determines steps necessary for improving his/her work, B. Understanding rather than vocabulary should be the main purpose of new knowledge. ... a teacher should explore what kinds of learners he or she has in a classroom and try to match the style of teaching to the style of learning for those students. Use effective learning strategies. be the normal practice for teachers to raise such questions as: How knowledge about teaching that has stood the test of time. Students come to school with their own ideas, some correct recognized and encouraged. But for feedback to be most helpful the evidence? Teaching to Mastery. by the environment outside the school—will persist unless teachers

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