when did the red cockaded woodpecker become endangered

Sort of like how people are all up in arms over GMO as if they will be getting cancer and growing extra appendages out of their heads. Agree completely! You are eating the same exact chemicals when you eat an organically-grown tomato. Feeding the Organic movement in general yes, including Scott’s product would be a better alternative than playing hard ball cause we create competition. We all know that the general public is not as informed as most of the pro-organic crowd. Get Your “Cool-Season” Vegetable Garden Off To a Great Start – Join the NEW UOG, Monthly Seed & Garden Club TODAY! Turns out that my mom used a ton of Miracle-Grow. That isn’t patent infringement yet that is how everyone of their lawsuits start against the farmer who’s field they infected. How could you “cook” out a genetic modification? which are needed in only very small (micro) quantities . I’ve gone the other way; in my area there are wood chips,vbut few nitrogen sources. Want to talk about the harmful effects of commercial chemical fertilizers on the environment? Indoor Farming The more companies battle for my Organic dollars the better. I don;t use use any of those in my garden or flowers either, but I am cursed with a chemistry and risk background…and would personally classifiy what I read on this thread as about 95 % manure. Health Evidence that “…..everyone of their lawsuits start against the farmer who’s field they infected.” please. I used to use MiracleGro on my garden. Just try to think about gardening before WWII – whatever worked then will work now – that was a world without gardening chemicals. I’m excited to find an alternative to the soil from big pesticide companies. Do you think they have some pre employment screening criteria to ensure unethical employees will be hired…or is there some unethics training they go through. Read those lables. Absolutely. $7.87 for a 3 cf garden soil that is OMRI. In the meantime, if you are looking for a good (albeit perhaps not organic) liquid fertilizer for your blooming plants you might give “Jack’s” a try. Good point. I just sat here and ate my organic popcorn and read this article & a lot of comments. My pleasure. Looked pretty cool, but I guess you’d need some space for this. Enter to WIN a FREE 1 Month Subscription to UOG’S Monthly Seed & Garden Club! When you look at all of the products that Miracle Gro produces, you’ll immediately notice that a lot of them ARE full of unhealthy, inorganic chemicals. If doesn’t matter for you, it matters for me, my family and all the other people that do what I do to save us and save the planet. At this time, Miracle Gro currently offers products that are both inorganic and organic, and it’s up to you to decide which type you’d like to purchase: However, as I said earlier, make sure not to assume that organic fertilizer is automatically safer than fertilizers with chemicals. I will bet my garden those chickens were not fed on an organically grown pesticide-free, GMO- free diet! Finally, to make matters even worse, Scotts has been repeatedly found guilty for mislabeling their products and lying about what’s in them. cabbage Epic Gardening occasionally links to goods or services offered by vendors to help you find the best products to care for plants. More importantly, Organic is always good, it feed the Organic movement/industry one way or another. you might look who owns them, you will be surprised, Knowledge is a dangerous thing. Never heard of it. Glad you don’t care, hope Google figures out this answer is worthless for the question soon! I totally agree with you and am doing the same thing. chems…yes simple mineral salts are “chems”…good call. How is horse poop guaranteed to be organic? Just reading the pages of customer complaints from people who have had bad experiences with their soil is enough to really convince me that they don’t care about what they put in your garden. I am not happy with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice. plenty of that going around and monsatan does not have a patent on that yet! They do have some product that is organic and certified by OMRI. The comments were becoming a haven for people just dropping their links and promoting their stuff. If Monsanto makes them money instead of the Organic market…well that is self explanatory.

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